One game at a time. 

Game 161 and your team is in the playoff hunt in a must-win situation, it’s not a cliche – it’s ONE GAME AT A TIME!

One converted opportunity after multiple squandered ones and the Seattle Mariners are playing one last game for their playoff lives on Sunday. They’ll send their ace, Cy Young candidate, Felix Hernandez to the mound. Hernandez last faced the Angels on September 18th, going 7 innings, allowing 3 hits and 2 walks in the 3-1 Mariners victory. They’ll need that Felix as opposed to Hernandez’ last outing against Toronto: 4.2 innings, 7 hits, 8 earned runs. 

“We’re playing a meaningful game. 162.” said Mariners Manager, Lloyd McClendon after seeing his team finally pull out the 2-1 11-inning victory.  The M’s stranded 12 runners on base while going 1-11 with runners in scoring position. Three of those were in the bottom of the ninth with bases loaded, 0 outs – the M’s failed to convert. 

But, they did prove their resilience earlier –  a staple for them throughout this entire year – when Logan Morrison ripped an RBI-double to center in the bottom of the 7th, scoring Kyle Seager from first to tie the game. Right about that same time, the Texas Rangers were finishing off the Oakland A’s, 5-4. It was the opening the M’s needed. 

Even on tv, the atmosphere at Safeco Field had a heightened electricity. The crowd were living with every pitch, every crack of the bat. They were waiting…waiting to explode. For this moment:

And so, tomorrow brings greater meaning to ONE GAME AT A TIME. If the M’s take care of business and the Texas Rangers beat the Oakland A’s again, there will be a #163.

MLB Wild Card Standings 2014   ESPN


It will be another #HappyFelixDay. The “King’s Court” will be in full voice. 

They’ll need every single one of them – to get to the next 



How crazy was this game? Let’s ask the media covering this game:


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The Elusive “Why”

One question. 

In any significant situation, there are always questions.When the situation becomes public, the biggest one is often left unanswered: Why. 


As the Ray Rice casino-video saga has played out the past weeks, we’ve heard that question over and over again. On television, radio – read it on Facebook and Twitter – and still, it remains unanswered.  

  • Why? 
  • Why did Ray Rice do it in the first place? 
  • Why did Rice only get suspended for two games initially?
  • Why didn’t the NFL ask for the video? 
  • Why is Roger Goodell still the commissioner? 
  • Why didn’t the Baltimore Ravens ask for the video? 
  • Why did TMZ break the news when other “more-traditional” sports news outlets did not? 
  • It even spawned two powerful and illuminating hashtags: #WhyIStayed #WhyILeft

It all comes back to “why”. 


Why do people ask WHY

No matter our education level, our background, our financial or social status, we always want to know “why”. It can help us to gain knowledge, analyze possibilities, to sort through emotions, or, in the case of this Ray Rice video, provides us an outlet for which to channel our emotions. 

Seems like a simple question. But, it often comes with a complex answer. With Rice, the NFL and the Ravens, it crosses societal, cultural, political and sports realms. There is no simple answer in that quartet. Because there’s no simple answer in this scenario, emotions rise. Even today:

Twitter   Search   roger goodell



We all have our “why” questions. At times, they frustrate us because there is no answer. Or rather, no answer that will satisfy us. 

If the NFL or the Baltimore Ravens had seen the video after the initial story, what then? Ray Rice would have been suspended for longer, sure. Then what? Would we be discussing domestic violence like we do now in the sports community? Most likely not. Because it’s sports. We want to cheer on our teams and play our fantasy football (as if that makes anyone more of a fan – but that’s a story for another day). We have long tuned out what happens off the field because it is just a sport. It has no effect on what happens on the field, right? 

Domestic violence will still happen across America long after Roger Goodell and Ray Rice are gone from the NFL. What happens to our outrage then? Will we hold on to our anger enough to recognize it’s not just an NFL issue? Will the conversation continue?  Will we channel our frustration into action? Or, will we continue to just tweet it out with no corresponding action?

Why not more?  


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No-Name College Football Show: 9/18/14


We made it to #2. 

Yes, the College Football Podcast (or Show) without a name made it to episode #2. We are still working out the kinks – I had edited it with some intro/outro music, but, well, yeah, I’m tech-challenged - but we made it! 

As is the usual (well, if “usual” can be qualified as one episode), I was joined by my friend, Nick Paulenich. Nick is someone I met through my prior partnership with Russ Baxter of Pro Football Guru. Nick was our draft expert. He knows his stuff when it comes to college football and the top players heading toward the NFL Draft. Nick currently writes for Fansided’s Scarlet and Game, a site devoted to coverage of Ohio State football.

  • 1:45 – Nick’s observations of Ohio State from the past two weeks, including the first-hand look from Columbus of their loss to Virginia Tech
  • 7:40 – Michigan State: post-Oregon loss, their future schedule setting up nicely.
  • 11:44 – Other Big Ten teams to watch
  • 12:55 – Segue to the Pac-12: snoozers, my sleeper pick, the “hotness” of Brady Hoke
  • 21:01 – Nick’s sleeper pick (there’s a distinctly Utah theme in this show) – already a call for an 8-team playoff?
  • 24:11 – Games of the Week: I think Nick’s picks are better than mine.
  • 26:54 – Nick’s Dig (NFL Draft style)
  • 29:20 – I’ve got bragging rights!
  • 20:41 – My last-minute FCS sleeper pick

Listen below or download it on iTunes.


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