Crying in Baseball: Edgar Martinez’ Big Day

Baseball is made for memories both on the field and off. When families share a baseball memory, crying in baseball can happen.  There’s no crying in baseball.    “When do Mariners single game tickets go on sale?”, my son asked me in early 2017. “Yesterday,” I said. “Shoot,” was his reply. In the summer of …
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The Common Goal Unites MLS Diversity

Soccer is the world’s game. Soccer or football or fútbol – whatever you call it – is the most popular sport in the world. Sorry, NFL fans, but soccer is king. * Major League Soccer is one of the most diverse leagues in North America. Diverse in race and ethnicity. Diverse in skin color and …
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The Analytical Mind

Be still and know… Stillness is the enemy of an analytical mind. The analytical brain is in constant mode. In my case, I can have 10 different topics running through my mind at once or a single one with 10 different sub-tangents. Rarely does it shut off. And yet here I stood before stillness. Stillness of …
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