Tuesday Ten: Google’s Max Goldstein

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Google+ is only going to grow in sports.

Who said that? Me.

I’m sure my Tuesday Ten guest would agree, as he is right in the thick of that growth. Max Goldstein is the Sports Partnership Manager at Google. Max is working directly with athletes, teams and leagues assisting them with their presence on the Google+ platform. Hangouts On Air (HOA) are the key piece to their engagement on G+.

HOAs were the key topic of our discussion on tonight’s Tuesday Ten. Highlights and video below:

  • 1:42Sports Partnership Manager – What does that role entail? Future focus?
  • 4:32 – Teams/leagues Google has worked or will work with on the Google+ platform
  • 6:09(Audience questions) How can Google get teams, both professional and collegiate, to use the Google+ platform?
  • 9:59(Audience question) Unitizing the products (Google+, YouTube, Android, etc..)
  • 11:15 – Athletes and the sponsorship dynamic with respect to Google/YouTube Terms of Service
  • 13:46 – Shoppable Hangouts

My thanks to Max Goldstein for joining me on the show. If you want to connect with Max, Google+ is the best place to do just that. Circle him: +MaxGoldstein. For those on Twitter,  follow him @Max_Goldstein.


Join me next Tuesday, April 29th, when my guest will be Ken Fang of fangsbites.com and awfulannouncing.com. There are plenty of sports media stories in the news to discuss with Ken. And, a little playoff hockey talk too.

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Tuesday Ten: James Royer, Caity Kauffman

Tuesday Ten 4-15


Running the social and digital media teams for an NHL franchise requires teamwork, planning, a willingness to listen and try something new. Good thing the Tampa Bay Lightning (my adopted team) have two of the best in the business in James Royer and Caity Kauffman.

James and Caity joined me on the latest Tuesday Ten Show. As the Lightning get ready to for Game 1 in their opening round series tomorrow night against the Montreal Canadiens, we discussed a bit of what goes on in utilizing social/digital media for the playoffs. There’s a bit more to their strategy not just during the playoffs, but throughout the season that, in my opinion, requires them to be on their game with no days off.  

Here are some of the highlights:

  • 0:48Intro to James and Caity
  • 2:07“Social Captain” at Lightning games
  • 4:21Planning strategy for the NHL season and Stanley Cup playoffs
  • 7:13 - Using the “POST” method to decide which social platforms to use
  • 9:36 - Freezing of the Instagram account (#BoltsFreeze), including a stalker story


My thanks to James Royer and Caity Kauffman for joining me on the show tonight. AND…for providing the first giveaway on the Tuesday Ten show. Here’s how you can connect with the Tampa Bay Lightning:

Make sure you’re following them on Instagram for access NOW before the #BoltsFreeze contest starts in the morning:

Follow James and Caity on social media:

Follow James on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jamesroyer
Connect on Google+: https://plus.google.com/115266744157910343999/about

Follow Caity on Twitter: https://twitter.com/caitykauffman
Connect on Google+: https://plus.google.com/114116419979488557458/about


TUNE IN next week, April 22, when I’ll be joined by Max Goldstein, Community Partnerships Manager at Google. We’ll be discussing sports in the Google+ space, particularly the Hangouts feature. 

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Four C’s of Google+

When do three C’s add up to one C?

Wait, what?

Let me explain.

Recently, I was listening to a show hosted by Google+ Hangout extraordinaire, Mia Voss (link here). Mia and her guests were taking a look back at the 1st quarter in social media. There was one word Mia mentioned that really struck a chord with me:  collaboration.

NOTE: Although Mia was referring to Google+, I think it can happen on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – take your pick. But, for purposes of this post, we’ll focus on Google+.

 My brain went into overdrive immediately upon hearing the word collaboration. Social media allows you to communicate with others, make connections which can lead to collaboration. Let’s take a quick look at each of these:

COMMUNICATION: Each social media platform enables communication, right? We communicate with our followers or those who have ‘liked’ our pages. Discuss the latest news, ask or answer questions, let others into our world through videos or pictures – all via social media. In turn, they can communicate with us, especially on Google+. It’s a two-way street. One-way communication is a HUGE turn-off. Communication can also lead to a new…

CONNECTION: By communicating WITH others on social media, we can meet new people or new fans. We can find people with similar interests or passions. We can partake in a sporting or social event together even on social media. By finding our similarities, maybe we can start a…

COLLABORATION: I’ve seen this happen through both Twitter and Google+. People communicate, connect and find there’s a common vision enabling collaboration. It’s easier to see on Google+ Hangouts. A quick Hangout (video call) invitation can turn into an hour-long call. That hour allows people to get to know each other easier than a generic phone call or email. I’ve tried to do projects with people through Twitter, but they didn’t pan out. Why? I’m not sure. Hard to decide if someone would make a good working partner through 140 character tweets.


Community support - Taken at the 2012 Ironman Coeur d'Alene in CdA, Idaho.

Community support – Taken at the 2012 Ironman Coeur d’Alene in CdA, Idaho.

Communication + Connection + Collaboration. Three C’s. Add them together and what do you get? What does it all mean?


Communicating, Connecting, Collaborating – all of these occur in our daily lives in the communities we live in. But, they happen on Google+ every single day too. It is through those C’s, that people feel a bonding, a coming together…a community. They develop friendships, working relationships, even businesses – every thing you would think of that happens within your local community, happens on G+.

Some take it a step further and actually form a G+ Community around a certain subject. There are interior design, crafting, gaming, tech, social media, college basketball, photography and so on and so on. Think of Communities like message boards -  a place where you can chat, share, joke around, or whatever around a common interest.

Whether it’s the community we develop with others or joining one, both are all about Community. 



I’d love to hear from you.

  • Have you formed a community on your chosen social media platform?
  • What makes it a community?
  • Have you joined a Community on Google+?
  • Are there any other qualities that help form a community in social media?

Let me know in the comments below.

And, thank you for being a part of this little community.


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1st and 60 Show: Nick Paulenich, Melissa Jacobs

The 1st and 60 Show – episode #3

The 1st and 60 Show -- TEST HEADER

If you need an NFL fix, you’ve come to the right place with The 1st and 60 Show. Russell S Baxter & I welcomed in two great guests in last night’s episode. Nick Paulenich was our draft expert on the show and Melissa Jacobs from The Football Girl came on to talk about the latest with the San Francisco 49ers.



  • 1:38Intro to Nick Paulenich
  • 3:421st pick in the NFL Draft should be ________, quarterback non-stars, Raiders, Lions, Khalil Mack and more
  • 18:05Melissa Jacobs from thefootballgirl.com joins the show discussing Thursday’s Colin Kaepernick news & all things 49ers
  • 30:00Nick weighs in on the 49ers possible draft picks
  • 33:33Mack talk
  • 38:51Free agency odds and ends
  • 51:01Social Shout-out AND reminiscing about the NFL’s old days
  • 63:10Predictions on when the NFL will release the regular schedule (MILK IT, NFL)

Huge thanks to Nick Paulenich and Melissa Jacobs for joining us on the show. Be sure to connect with them:



Tune in to our next show in two weeks (April 24) on Google+. Follow Russ on Twitter (@BaxFootballGuru) or me (@CadChica) on Twitter for all of the details. Even better, connect with us on Google+: Sunny, Russ.

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Tuesday Ten: Derrick Docket

Tuesday Ten 4-8-14

Innovative. Creative. Learner. Genuine.

When I think of tonight’s Tuesday Ten guest, those are the words that come to mind. I first met Derrick Docket on Twitter. It wasn’t through a hashtag or a conference that we connected there. It was through a case of Twitter mistaken identity that I came to know @ddocket, not to be confused with @ddockett. More on that later.

Derrick is Assistant Commissioner for New Media with the Missouri Valley Conference (MVC). The conference boasts 10 schools in five states. Balancing the focus on the schools and the conference with various social media platforms, not to mention digital media ventures is a big undertaking. But, Derrick makes it look easy. 

Tonight, we discussed that mistaken identity, managing and finding balance with the MVC New Media area, mentors, WWE, digital/social media and much more. Time-stamp links provided. Or, watch the interview in its entirety, below.



  • 1:05Intro to Derrick Docket
  • 2:54Balancing responsibilities of social, digital media and marketing for a college sports conference: consistent message, branching out, innovation.
  • 5:13Being creative in adopting Google+ into the MVC strategy
  • 7:59Twitter mistaken identity
  • 11:33 - Mentors and mentoring
  • 14:53Playing sports
  • 18:22His fandom – the teams he cheers for
  • 20:54Connect with Derrick and the MVC on social media

My thanks to Derrick Docket for joining me on tonight’s show. Please be sure to connect with Derrick and the Missouri Valley Conference on these channels:



  1. Twitter - @MVCsports, @ValleyHoops
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram
  4. Google+
  5. YouTube

TUNE IN next week, April 15, when I’ll be joined by two members of the Digital/Social Media staff from the Tampa Bay Lightning, James Royer (Director) and Caity Kauffman (Manager), as they prepare for the NHL playoffs and the #QuestForTheCup.

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Effective Social Media

Everybody’s got an opinion, right?

When it comes to social media strategy, opinions are a dime-a-dozen. Whether you’re “considered” an expert or a grunt like me, we all have our own ideas about the right ways to use social media. I’ve been tweeting, sharing or writing about many of them either on my blog or various social media platforms. I decided to finally put all of those thoughts in visual form as a test. I’ve come up with a few thoughts, three, in fact, to be effective using social media. These keys are basic.

I’m continually learning from others in the business or fans/consumers about what works and what doesn’t. As social media is constantly changing, I expect these keys to evolve. The basics will remain the same, but there’s nothing wrong with reviewing and tweaking your basics from time to time.

Click play to start the slide show.

What are your keys to effective social media strategy?


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Google Called – Let’s Do A Hangout

When Google comes calling, you answer.

Thursday night, I took part in a Google+ Hangout with two potential NFL Draft picks, Brandin Cooks (Oregon State) and Terrance Mitchell (Oregon). It was easy to see that the connection Cooks and Mitchell had with each other goes way back to their high school days. There was a respect and camaraderie despite their school rivalry in the Pac-12 Conference. We were able to touch on a variety of topics from their rivalry to NFL Draft prep to social media and more.

Below is the time stamp for our conversation (clickable links). Or, you can watch the entire video below as well.

  • 0:53Brandin and Terrance share their thoughts on the Oregon State-Oregon rivalry in the Civil War Game (CWG) and the Platypus Trophy.
  • 1:43Civil War Game atmosphere, crazy stunts
  • 2:58Trash talking during CWG – next level?
  • 4:08Cooks or Mitchell? Better trash talker? (Battling each other)
  • 5:21Cooks and Mitchell describe one another’s greatest strength
  • 6:42Discussing how their respective programs helped prepare them for the NFL
  • 9:18How they’ve been getting ready for the Combine, pro days, team workouts and the draft
  • 12:35What’s next?
  • 13:40NFL Draft Day threads
  • 15:37Their take on social media, the athlete-fan relationship and teaching others (Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Instagram)
  • 19:40Are they gamers? Silly question.
  • 22:01One question for each other.

My thanks to Google, Brandin Cooks, Terrance Mitchell and The Novo Agency for letting me be a part of this fun Hangout. I wish all the best to Brandin and Terrance as they pursue their NFL dreams. I’ll be looking for them on the field…and perhaps in some magazines too.


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Google+ Hangouts are only going to grow in 2014. Learn from the Master, Ronnie Bincer, and his Hangout Mastery group – join through my affiliate link.