Eagles Sloppy In Win Over Bulldogs


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Never overlook an opponent. 

That was the task facing Eastern Washington this week as they hosted NAIA school Western Montana on Saturday night. Nestled between last weekend’s season-opening victory against Sam Houston State and next weekend’s match-up with Washington in Seattle, it would have been easy for the Eagles to overlook the Bulldogs. 

Would have been.

But, easy isn’t the way to go when Beau Baldwin is coaching. This EWU team doesn’t take the easy way. Oh, sure, they can make things look easy as they did tonight in their 41-9 win over NAIA-level Montana Western. What this game would be is solid preparation for next week’s showdown with FBS/Pac-12 stalwart Washington. 

Efficient night for Eagle quarterback Vernon Adams. Playing for most of the game, Adams went 27-30, 360 yards, 5 touchdowns. Backup quarterback, Jordan West, played in mop-up duty going 5-9, 48 yards. Senior running back Mario Brown had a career day with 9 rushes, 108 yards. It was his top output since December 27, 2010 when he rushed for 104 yards on 26 carries against Villanova. 

Montana Western, although clearly outmatched, played disciplined football. Coach Beau Baldwin said, “I give Montana Western a lot of credit. I thought they played hard and they tackled well. They ripped at the ball. I thought they came in and competed. Like I expected them to.”

A win is a win. A win going into next week’s big match-up Washington makes this next week a little more palatable. But, only slightly. Describing tonight’s game, Coach Baldwin had one word: sloppy. “We were sloppy. We’re a long way away, but I know it’s within this group to get there. It’s just going to take a disciplined week.” 


Sloppiness aside, the game allowed Coach Baldwin and his staff to give playing time to some other players. One player, in particular, was playing in a different position tonight. Sophomore Miquiyah Zamora normally lines up as a weak-side linebacker. Tonight, he was in the Ronnie Hamlin role on the inside. Zamora, “A lot of credit to the d-line tonight. They’re doing their job up front and creating big gaps. It’s easy for us linebackers to fit in. Coach Fetter and Ronnie spent a lot of time coaching and helping us (young bucks) out. We just go out there and play.”

“Miquiyah has a taken a huge step in terms of his leadership. He prepares. He’s studying film. He understands how to play all three linebacker positions. He went in tonight at SAM (Hamlin’s position). It takes a mental toughness – he’s one of those guys who’s made the biggest strides from year one.” 

Plenty to work on/build on for the Eastern Washington Eagles tonight. They’ll have all they can handle next week in Seattle at Husky Stadium. They didn’t overlook the Bulldogs tonight. That’s a good mindset to have heading into next week’s showdown. 




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“Big-Time” College Football is Back

We have to make a distinction.

College football started last Saturday when Eastern Washington hosted Sam Houston State in Cheney, WA. It’s Division I football, I-AA, but it’s still college football. So when your friends tell you college football started Thursday night, that is…WRONG.

Perusing Twitter on Thursday, I saw several college writers make a distinction which I (reluctantly) agree with: “big-time” college football starts tonight (Thursday).

As much as I dislike that phrase, it fits. FBS or Division I-A football is the big boy level of college football. It’s where the money flows and flows and…

It all got started with

Dad as in Brent Musburger:

Twitter   Search   brent


When you think “big-time” college football, you have to think Brent Musburger. Long the voice of ABC/ESPN, Brent  is now calling games on the SEC Network. Big-time announcer calling big-time college football is a marriage made in SEC heaven.


Down 31-14 at the half, South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier wasn’t just pic-worthy, he was tweet-worthy too:



Games aren’t won with off-season talking points. And, they’re not won with excitement and enthusiasm, unfortunately:

Getting back to South Carolina – way to improve a quarterback’s Heisman odds, Gamecocks:


A Very Social Night of CFB

Lest anyone thinks it was only a Gamecock-Aggie type of night – oh those horrible yellow things:

Good thing spelling doesn’t count against you Wake Forest:

Fan wardrobe is, well, in early season form:

As is the pooch-punt…or whatever this is called:

You know it’s college football season when CAPS LOCK returns from The Key Play:

Football is a hitting game. But, perhaps not like this:

I’m not sure what to make of this – you? It just doesn’t compute:

Had to be the helmets, right?


In All Their Vandy-ness

The dawn of the college football season also means new uniforms:

Much to the delight of Commodore fans, the weather delayed the game just, long, enough…

Wait, what???

Smarts. Efficient. Favorites?





Thank goodness for tradition. Even new ones:

There were other not-necessarily-big-time games:

VICTORY!!! Nothing is better than starting the season UNDEFEATED! Warhawks down ACC foe Wake Forest, 17-10. #GoodNight #CamoOut #RISE

Arizona State with a nice job on timeliness of post-scoring graphics

Sticking in the Pac-12, when your team plays a “home” game on the other side of the state, you do what you gotta do:

Who doesn’t love overtime (excluding coaches)?

Maybe the Tulane Green Wave are part of that group tonight:


But seriously, folks. Tonight was all about one team. Not one conference. One team. 

Speaking of Manziel, maybe it wasn’t just him after all:



NOTE: Although I live on the West Coast, it’s 10:25pm when I’m completing this post. WSU-Rutgers and Vandy-Temple are still playing. That 4:45am alarm goes off mighty early. So, if I missed something good socially, you’ll know why.

UPDATEDThanks to Caleb Mezzy for pointing out the #WeTheT hashtag on this morning-after — congrats to Temple on their late-night win over Vanderbilt last night

I love a hashtag that prompts an emotion in me. Much like Baylor’s Coach Art Briles’ #BeTheStandard, this one from Temple means something. It’s been oft-used, but it makes you ask the question, “How can I do that?”. 

Today is the day. #LeaveYourMark

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Red, Red and Football All Over


The field is red.

Get over it.

It’s red. It’s called The Inferno. And it is the home of Eastern Washington University’s Eagles football team at Roos Field. Roos as in Michael Roos, longtime star offensive lineman for the Tennessee Titans.

Eastern Washington plays in the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS). They are a perennial powerhouse in the Big Sky Conference and in all FCS. Ranked either #1 or 2 in FCS preseason polls, the Eagles had the privilege of opening the college football season against another powerhouse, Sam Houston State. Not just FCS level football. ALL of college football started in Cheney, WA on Saturday.

The Eagles have lost to the Bearkats each of the last two years. Last year, they lost early in late September. In 2012, the Bearkats came out on top in the semi-finals of the FCS playoffs. To say that this was a revenge game might be an overstatement, considering it was the season opener for both teams. But, those losses weren’t too far from the Eagles minds after their 56-35 win today.

[tweet https://twitter.com/YahooDrSaturday/status/503310471290949632 align='center']

“They kicked our butts last year. We were ready to get after it this year. For us to be able to answer back, we got down 21-14 and gave up a pick-six and two consecutive long touchdowns and still be able to win, that says a lot about the type of character we have,” said Tevin McDonald, senior defensive back.

“It means something. They’ve had our number. It means something nationally (for seeding later),” said Coach Beau Baldwin.


Despite the pick-six, junior quarterback Vernon Adams went 26-48 for 302 yards and 4 touchdowns. Seven of Adams’ passes found one of his favorite targets from last year, Cooper Kupp (7 receptions, 62 yards, 1 touchdown). Adams also rushed for 76 yards on 12 attempts. The two teams combined for over 1100 yards of total offense. Adding to the not-the-defense’s day department: EWU and SHSU ran 185 offensive plays combined with 60 first downs.

As the college football opener, ESPN was on hand to kick things off. Not ESPN2, ESPNews or ESPNU. It was the mothership itself, ESPN, in town for the first time. Their presence enabled Eastern Washington to have a sell-out crowd on hand in a sea of red – before school has even started and students are back on campus, it was a sell-out. Coach Baldwin added, “That whole red-out deal, I noticed it. We feed off that (energy). We knew we were the one game. That probably caused some of the jitters and near-misses early.”

Red on the field and red in the stands. All that red brought out a variety of comments on Twitter.

Red field


No matter how you feel about the red turf, college football is back, baby! And it all started in a little town in Eastern Washington.



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Define “Fun” Again, FS1

When FOX Sports announced that it would be launching a “rival” to ESPN in the form of FOX Sports 1, many in sports and social media circles were thrilled. ESPN needs competition said some. The amount of drivel on ESPN makes it unwatchable said others. That was over a year ago. Some still believe that. 

How did I feel? Meh. 

Meh for the simple reason that sports networks just didn’t resonate with me anymore. I long ago tuned out ESPN’s non-event offerings. Only exceptions: 30-for-30 and E:60. Even their ESPN Radio offerings were a turn-off. Same goes for Fox Sports. Aside from a soccer match or an occasional NFL game, Fox’s sports offerings were putrid. So what would I need with a new sports network? Nothing. Especially since I have Twitter and my phone. 

Why watch a highlight on SportsCenter when I could see a GIF of it on Twitter? Do I really need to see the scores when it’s so easily accessible on the beat writer’s Twitter feed or on a phone app? Everything I need for sports news is easily accessible these days without turning on the television. What could Fox Sports 1 offer someone like me? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. 

Now that they’ve been around for a year and seeing stuff like this…I’m not missing much am I?

[tweet https://twitter.com/richarddeitsch/status/499955196420960256 align='center']

Didn’t think so.

[tweet https://twitter.com/richarddeitsch/status/499956566263885825 align='center']


Truth be told, I couldn’t watch much of that video. I know some people who work at Fox Sports. I have no idea if they had anything to do with that ad or not. I truly hope not. FS1 has made some smart moves in recent months by hiring the likes of Bruce Feldman and Stewart Mandel for their college football offerings. Those two additions make up for the extreme misstep of the Crowd Goes Wild show and the still-employed Clay Travis. But, just barely.

The expectations and braggadocio of Fox last summer about FS1 were, in a word, FUN (The One for Fun).  They would challenge the mighty behemoth, ESPN. One year on, those expectations and braggadocio are gone. Disappointment might be a better description.

Long-term disappointment? Maybe not. As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. But, with ads like that “one” FS1, your definition of FUN might need a bit of refining, especially for your long-term prospects.


FINAL THOUGHT: Just in case you thought I was alone, a few replies to Richard Deitsch’s second tweet:

Twitter   richarddeitsch  College football is abt. passion  ...


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CBS Sports: It Is Time


The headline read: 


CBS Sports to Make TV History with All Female Sports Talk Show This Fall   The Big Lead


[tweet https://twitter.com/thebiglead/status/497837776461520896 align='center']

An all-female sports talk show? YES!

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, I’m not a female sports fan. I’m not a champion of all things women’s sports. I’m just a sports fan. Period.

For years, the sports media industry has relegated female sports journalists to very specific roles. Sideline reporter is number one on that list. If you’re a pretty blonde and you work in sports, there’s a good chance you’ll land a job as a sideline reporter somewhere in this country. Sure, there are female sports anchors, but how many are there to actually “discuss” sports? There simply isn’t enough time on a sportscast to hear an anchor’s opinion.

Then along came that story above from The Big Lead. The premise of it is exciting. A show with an all-female panel that is just talking sports? Not women’s sports – just sports! Terrific news, right? Well, I thought so initially. Heck, I’d want to be on that.  

Then, I started reading some tweets from folks who know the business far better than me. 

[tweet https://twitter.com/thefootballgirl/status/499233715231674369 align='center']

[tweet https://twitter.com/thefootballgirl/status/499234138797662210 align='center']

[tweet https://twitter.com/thefootballgirl/status/499234690344431616 align='center']


[tweet https://twitter.com/stevelepore/status/499248556713443328 align='center']

[tweet https://twitter.com/stevelepore/status/499248992321302528 align='center']

[tweet https://twitter.com/stevelepore/status/499249218415263744 align='center']

[tweet https://twitter.com/stevelepore/status/499250265015738368 align='center']


Stepping stone or network gimmick?

I would hope a stepping stone and beyond. For women like me, we want to talk about sports. Not just women’s sports either. I want to talk about college football or basketball. Whether it’s on Twitter or more so on Google+, talking about sports is fun and insightful to me. Call me crazy, but this thing called dialogue…well, I like that! 

And that’s part of my hope for this new show from CBS. I’ve been trying to do something along those lines on Google+ with my show Tuesday Ten. Showing that a woman can talk about sports, in my case sports-social media, beyond the reasons of looks alone. Not saying I’m a beauty or anything like that — but it’s about being on camera for who you are on the inside too. Having someone of Amy Trask’s stature on that show (per The Big Lead), that’s saying something to me. That’s telling me that CBS knows there needs to be a platform to feature someone like Trask or Lesley Visser.

Maybe it’s a naive way to look at things, but that’s my hope. That this won’t be a gimmick by CBS Sports. Steve Lepore is right in his tweets above that sports media needs a change from within. More women decision-makers or, at the very least, less of an all-boys club. More people who are willing to think outside the box. For now though, the show needs to be an investment – a long-term investment in women who love talking about sports. 

It is time. 


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