Live-Tweeting: Routine or Expectation?

It started with a random Twitter comment.

David O Brien on Twitter    Evan_P_Grant Be bold  E. Live tweeting s gotten out of hand. I m as much to blame as anyone  of course. It s kinda lame. I m kinda lame.


Random. It is the “live tweeting” comment that caught my eye. So I went looking for the original tweet.

For background, it appears this tweet from Evan Grant was related to a press conference the Texas Rangers were to have on Friday.


Why are sportswriters on Twitter? Why don’t they gravitate toward Facebook or Google+ more? Why do they take to Twitter? What is it about Twitter that works for them?

In April, I wrote The Secret to Twitter. I stated, “Within moments of a story breaking (tweets and retweets), dialogue happens.” That dialogue occurs between media and other media, media and fans, media and athletes. Everyone within a sports journalist’s audience is on Twitter. “Everyone” in the general sense. There is an audience connection and interaction that one gets on Twitter that isn’t found elsewhere.

As Twitter has grown, so have the expectations and routine. Routine as in “live-tweeting”.

There are some who believe “live-tweeting” (aka play-by-play) is overkill. But, from a fan perspective, it’s an instant-connection with those who are there. If one can’t be at a game, connect with those who are there. Sort of a live-vicariously-through-them type of thinking. But, there’s also what I call “Twitter is the world’s largest sports bar” aspect. Not just communicate with those there, but others watching just like you. It helps fans get an additional perspective from those at the game or other media/fans watching it. It’s relationship. In all relationships, there are expectations.

Because of how news (including live-events) can be shared instantly on Twitter, there’s a tendency to cover every event with live-tweets. If one works in media, social media sharing/interaction is part of the job now. But, for print (newspaper, magazine) media, there seems to be an expectation of tweeting every single action that occurs with teams as Grant tweeted. Live-tweeting press conferences is part of that routine. 

As Grant stated, his hope is to be the “one-stop shop”. I’d expect that to be the same for many sports journalists – to be the source for fans to find news on “their” teams. Being the “go-to” source…is that part of the routine now? 

Or, is it today’s expectations? Expectations of fans?

Or, maybe it’s expectations of other media. 


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Back Together Again with Q1

“Women speak because they wish to speak, whereas a man speaks only when driven to speak by something outside himself — like, for instance, he can’t find any clean socks.” -Jean Kerr

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Reunited and it feels so good. 

I did that in my best Peaches & Herb voice(s). Why? Because CadChica Sports is proud to announce another media partnership with the fine folks at Q1 Productions (@Q1Sports). For the first time last year, CCS was asked to partner with Q1 for their 1st (now annual) Digital Sports Fan Engagement Conference.

It came as somewhat of a surprise to me. CCS had not been asked to be a media partner before in any capacity. Truth be told, it threw me for a loop. I didn’t look at CCS in that way — influential media partner. But, I guess there’s something to this little thing I’m doing.

When I announced the partnership last year with Q1, I was prompted to find the above Jean Kerr quote. For me, it’s all about having a voice in sports. As many have documented, the woman’s voice in sports is muted. To me, the fan’s voice was always stereotyped. To some degree it still is – as is the woman’s voice. I don’t look at myself as a female sports fan like some women sports media claim they are. I don’t like that label. I’m a sports fan, plain and simple.

I think like a sports fan even though I’m in media (with marketing-type thinking sometimes). It’s that perspective that attracts me to an event like Q1’s next Sports Fan Engagement Forum (#q1SFE15). Bringing “together marketing executives from throughout the industry to discuss and debate the exciting initiatives taking shape that engage and connect fans with sports teams” – Q1 recognizes the importance of the fan’s voice. Those teams and leagues who are successful in social media think like fans – that’s who Q1 will have at this forum.

With this partnership comes the return of CadChica Sports’ Tuesday Ten Show on Google+. Tuesday Ten has been on hiatus since August. The fall sports season is a busy one both in my job and blog life so the show took a break. Took. The show will return with interviews from some of the featured speakers at the forum. You’ll be able to get a taste of what all will take place in Kansas City, MO in March. That’s GREAT news!


Why? Because not only will Tuesday Ten be returning, but once again, CadChica Sports followers will receive a registration discount once registration opens. Until then, reserve your space for the forum here.

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A Win Is A Win For EWU Eagles

Win it any way you can.

That’s how Coach Beau Baldwin summed up the Eastern Washington Eagles’ 26-18 win over the Northern Colorado Bears on Saturday.

It wasn’t a pretty win. No, this win was a grind-it-out, nail-biting, don’t-make-a-mistake type of win. The team that blinked first might find itself on the short end in this one. Fortunately for the Eagles, it was the Bears who blinked. An interception by Vincent Gamboa on the Bears’ final play sealed the win.


It wasn’t the type of game Eagles’ fans are used to seeing. The Eagles played a conservative game on offense behind red-shirt sophomore quarterback, Jordan West. It was only West’s second start for EWU after Vernon Adams broke his foot in the Eagles’ 56-53 win over Idaho State on October 4th. West helped lead the Eagles to a 42-30 victory over Southern Utah in Cedar City last week.

The Eagle offense was efficient. Grinding out 165 yards on the ground while West finished 19-33 passing for 237 yards and 1 touchdown, it was enough to secure keep the talented Bears defense off-balance. One key stat, however, stood out above the rest when it comes to efficiency. Zero turnovers.

The Bears came into the game ranked #1 in FCS in interceptions and 2nd in forced turnovers. With a young quarterback having zero turnovers against the #2 FCS team speaks volumes to the play-calling and preparation the EWU coaching staff did this past week. “He (West) played really good,” Coach Baldwin said of West. “Zero turnovers against a team that’s leading the nation in picks. I’m sure he’ll say he could’ve made one or two red zone throws. He took what they gave them all game and he’s 2-0 as a starter, which isn’t easy to do,” Coach Baldwin.

2-0 as a starter with a little help from the Eagle defense. EWU’s defense limited the Bears to 306 yards of total offense. Aside from a couple of big plays, the Eastern Washington had a bend-but-don’t break mentality. They knew coming in that it would be a challenge. Senior defensive lineman Dylan Zylstra had this to say, “The biggest challenge we saw on film was their excitement. They might not have the best record, but they brought it every snap. Their guys are blue-collar workers and kept coming.”


Make no mistake – the Bears made the Eagles work on both sides of the ball. The Bears defense made sure West didn’t get in any kind of rhythm with his receivers. It wasn’t until midway through the 2nd quarter that Walter Payton Award candidate Cooper Kupp caught a West pass. Coach Baldwin and his staff knew that it wasn’t going to be easy despite the Bears’ 2-4 record (1-2 in the Big Sky). “We know it was going to be a tough challenge. That’s the type of game they (Northern Colorado) play. They beat a good NAU team. We knew it would be a challenge at times. Both sides of the ball made enough plays to win,” Baldwin said.


It wasn’t just both sides of the ball, however. Special teams contributed to the overall effort as well, including a surprising fake field-goal call early in the 3rd quarter. Coach Baldwin, “We saw something during the week that we thought we could get. We watched for it in the first half, when we kicked a couple of field goals. I didn’t just use it because it was there. I try to use it situationally. Connor (Richardson) still had to make a play and Terry Jackson with his first career touchdown, it was really neat to execute that.”

The special teams also blocked a punt for the third straight game. The Eagles kickoff coverage team also did not allow the Bears’ speedy redshirt freshman, Ellis Olnic II, to have an impact on the game. Olnic came into Saturday ranked 19th in the FCS for kickoff returns. Averaging 27.1 on the season, Olnic’s longest was 34-yards. Only two other times was he able to return a kick with minimal results.

A complete game all the way around for the Eagles, even if it wasn’t the normal high-scoring affair Eagles fans have become accustomed to. But, when it comes right down to it, a win is a win. And, as Coach Baldwin said, “Win it any way you can.” 



  • ATTENDANCE: 10,064 — 11th largest in EWU history
  • TOTAL OFFENSE: NC – 306 yards (240 passing, 66 rushing), EWU – 417 yards (252 passing, 42 rushing)
  • PENALTIES: NC – 2/10, EWU – 6/50
  • THIRD DOWN CONVERSIONS: NC – 6 of 15, EWU – 7 of 15
  • SACKS: NC – 1 (6 yards), EWU – 7 (39 yards)
  • TIME OF POSSESSION: NC – 29:26, EWU – 30:34

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