Hello world!


There is a hidden world out there. Okay, maybe not so hidden but I see a world that is growing exponentially. What is this world? It’s  Twitter and it is a gold-mine in the world of sports media.

Sports blogs are a dime a dozen these days. If you go to ESPN or FoxSports or any other number of sports websites, there are blogs everywhere. Even your local news stations probably have a sports section with sports anchor blogs. Twitter has become an instant blog for the sports media. Depending on WHO you follow, you can get instant updates and insight from national sports media on the Superbowl or your local college sports journalist regarding March Madness. Yes, you can read what they have to say on their “blog” or hear them on the television but in the “instant” gratification society we live in, Twitter is like our microwave sports fix.

I am on Twitter every day. It is like my caffeine. I follow about 500 people (so far), not all of them sports mind you but they are predominantly sports. Ranging from @douggottliebshow & @notthefakesvp from ESPN to @TLKREM2 & @700espn from here in Spokane, I can get so many different viewpoints on the same thing. Not only can you get insight but up to the minute scores. Can’t be there for the game? Check Twitter. Doing a honey do list this weekend? Check Twitter. Twitter is the be all end all for sports fanatics like me. Oh wait, I’m just a fan.

Or maybe I’m a  Twort-a-holic? A Tworts Reporter?? I just made up a whole bunch of new words.  I like “Tworts”.

And so that begins my sports blogging life. Twitter-style. Or should I say “Tworts”-style.


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