CadChica’s SSM Digest: September 2013

Someone once said: “Preparation is the key to manifestation.”

There are days, however, when I like to think procrastination is the key to relaxation. I’ve been procrastinating about this month’s (okay, September’s) SSM Digest. September brings the full force of sports: NFL, college football, soccer, end of the regular season for MLB, preseason hockey, NASCAR’s Chase winding down, AFL Grand Final and every other fall sport that I failed to mention. Just wait until next month (or this month) when October brings the NBA. Made my head spin trying to keep up.

Thus, my procrastination.

This month, due to the sheer volume of items to track, I’m changing the structure to this month’s digest. Less input from me and more of the stories, images and videos that crossed our timelines in sports-social media. The biggest stories lead us off followed by a few of the images that grabbed my attention, followed by some daily sports-social media news.

Like, dislike this new format? Don’t procrastinate. Let me know. Did I miss some stories? I’m sure I did but feel free to tell me anyway.

Enjoy remembering or catching up with September’s SSM Digest.



* Twitter, NFL agreement

* NFL Is Back!

* Fox Sports, Facebook agreement

* NCAA college football players and the APU

* Historical search for tweets available through Topsy

* NASCAR – Michael Waltrip Racing Drama

* NASCAR – Social Media’s Next Level

* Australian Football League Grand Final

* NFL’s biggest game of the early season

* 9/11 and sports

* Mariano Rivera

ESPN (Jayson Stark): A 21-Stat Salute to Mariano Rivera

* Oklahoma State and SI

  • America’s Cup…in one tweet



Going through my Twitter “Favorites” and my monthly tracking list, I decided to make a top images section in this month’s digest. So many stories can be told just through pictures.








In this section, I went through some of my “Favorites” and monthly list again. The tweets represent some of the news of that particular day. More often than not, at least in sports, the tweets themselves tell the story. Rather than me trying to explain what they are all about, let’s see if you can understand the stories of the day.




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