Sunny Cadwallader

Culture Matters, Fox Sports

Culture Matters I'm too tired to rant, but Fox would do well to hire a more diversified group of people for their soccer broadcasts. — Maxi Rodriguez (@FutbolIntellect) February 11, 2016 When it comes to speaking Spanish, my conversational skills are minimal. I can sort of understand when others speak it, but speaking it…no. If …
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On Serena: Expectations vs Reality

We’ve seen this drama before. Last September 2015 and now in January 2016. We didn’t expect it, but perhaps we expected too much from Serena Williams.  That’s reality.  *** She blinked. She wilted under the Grand Slam final spotlight. Perhaps most shocking of all was that she was being dictated to. The greatest women’s tennis …
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War On Football

Oh, war has shattered many young man’s dreams Made him disabled, bitter and mean Life is much too short and precious to spend fighting wars these days War can’t give life it can only take it away, ooh * War On Football Edwin Starr’s song “War” came to my mind recently. Not because of an …
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