Friday Fun Tweets (Video)

Friday Fun Tweets returns to the blog with, not a tweet but a video. I know, I know. It should be called Friday Fun Video or something lame like that.

But Friday Fun Tweets is a favorite title of mine so, I’m sticking to it. 

I found this video over the weekend and thought it summed it up perfectly (I loved it!). If you know anything about college basketball, you understand the rivalry that is Louisville-Kentucky. No love lost between the schools, coaches and fan bases. Anyone who knows rivalries will see how fantastically awesome this video is (and silently wishing they thought of doing this to their craziest “college sports” loving family member or friend.) 

Don’t worry. I won’t tell if you want to use this idea next Christmas.

[Kudos to Connie Mcqueary]


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WWoT Quickie: Never Enough

Never enough.

Never enough “good” sports stories being told. When an 8 year-old kid gets to hoop it up with local hoops heroes from the University of North Carolina, that’s a “good” sports story. The kid, Addis Cone, doesn’t look intimidated whatsoever. He’s good and he knows it…without being obnoxious in his play like some kids can be.

Good on you Addis. Keep ballin’!


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College Prostitution: High-Profile Athletics


What does it say when 95% of the University of Wyoming’s football team believes they will make the NFL. According to, 65 players who attended Wyoming have played in NFL history. Not in the last few years, NFL history. To put this in perspective, The Daily Trojan recorded 55 University of Southern California players on current NFL rosters as of February 2012. Wyoming with 65 in NFL history and USC with 55 currently. Quite the contrast isn’t it? 

Why is it that college athletes, no matter the high-profile sport, believe they will “make it” to the professional level? Dreams. 

Dreams are but a simple answer. It is the beginning and end answer for athletes. Dreams of fame, fortune and, in some cases, “going pro” and making it will be the answer to all of their problems. But will it? Will fame and fortune fulfill that dream? Will it be the answer to their problems? No.

If only 65 Wyoming players have ever played in the NFL, what are the odds that any from the 2012 team will make the NFL? Miniscule. The odds, as the saying goes, are stacked against them.


Wyoming is but a representation of the high-class prostitution that takes place in college football and basketball. Colleges (pimps) sell their school’s sports (athletes/prostitutes) to the highest bidder (johns). Fans? We’re a part of the equation too. We are the voyeurs.

As much as a small segment of sports fans would like to think this, college athletes are not dumb. They see how the system (business) works. If they’re “good enough”, they’ll get the best schools to offer them a scholarship (think $$$). The better the scholarship ($$$), the more likely they will make it to the pros (better clientele).

But what happens if they don’t make it? What happens to them then? Do they have the tools needed to make it when their “dreams” fail? Are schools “investing” the scholarships wisely with, dare I say, education? Or are they kicked to the street of failed NFL/NBA dreams while the haunting echoes of a thousand cheering voices spin in their head?


Education is not just in school. Basic education begins at home. As school’s become a central part of a child’s life, the two (home and school) become, or should become, the building blocks for instilling dreams. Not every child has those two entities working positively or even together in their life.

All the more reason that colleges need to provide additional education in life-skills, particularly for athletes. Is it feasible? It should be. Adaptation has always been part of the “game” of high-profile college athletics. Adapt to the bigger, faster, stronger athletes. Adapt to the changing rules and regulations instituted by the NCAA. Adapt to recruiting tactics of their counterparts. Adapt to the demands of the media and fans.

Give them what they ask for! Schools have answered the call.

What about now? What about teaching life-skills so that when the “dreams” are crushed, athletes won’t have to go “back to the streets” with no new dreams to speak of? Teach them how to read, write, make phone calls, send emails, use social media to become a vital part of society. Teach them how to “make” a difference in the world around them. Teach them how to overcome when the odds are stacked against them.

Should athletes have learned these skills earlier? Of course they should have but what if they didn’t? Are school’s just going to “use” (pimp) them for their own benefit ($)?


And us? The fans? What do we do? Do we continue to get lost in the euphoria of victory or the sting of defeat? Or do we demand more from “our” universities? Do we demand more from the NCAA to pressure member schools to “teach” life to ‘student-athletes’?

Sadly, I think we will continue as normal. We, includes me.

Sports, be it professional or collegiate, is our outlet. An outlet away from our ‘lives’ and a voyeurism into others’. Could it be, dare I say, a sports fan’s porn?


Thank you to Yahoo! Sports’ Rand Getlin for being the inspiration to this post. 

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Let the craziness begin. If today’s championship games are any indication, we are in for quite a tournament….with a lot of upsets.

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    Sun, Mar 11 2012 15:12:24

    How bout those Commodores? They get a huge upset win today over Kentucky. Can’t say that anyone predicted that outcome but I sure hope it’s a sign of things to come on Thursday.

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    Wow, call it what it is: biggest win in Vandy basketball history.
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 15:11:42
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    Vandy is better than Kentucky in football AND basketball. LOL.
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 15:18:23
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    Congragulations Vandy, especially your seniors.
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 15:41:33
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    Again, your 2012 #SEC Men’s Tournament Champions, the Vanderbilt Commodores #SECNOLA
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 16:08:41
  6. Not to be oudone……Florida State, fresh off of their upset of Duke yesterday, pulled off another one today with a victory over the “mighty” North Carolina TarHeels.
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    So it’s official: Florida State is a basketball school now.
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 15:11:26
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    If UNC fans salty what’s the word to use for Dook fans????? #imconfused
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 16:11:22
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    It’s nice to see schools that don’t have the resources to compete in college football succeed in March hoops. Congrats, Florida State!
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 15:22:13
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    It’s a Seminole moment. #FSU
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 15:34:05
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Sports On TV: Twitter Power

50+ seconds left in the game.

Arizona needed the win.

UCLA needed the win.

It had been a back and forth game in the last few minutes when all of a sudden I hear this. BOOM! Another game came on my tv. Needless to say…..


Slightly miffed comes to mind. Perhaps slightly stronger. Living in Pac-12 country, there should not have been a switch from MY game. Nevertheless, my tweet came with a quick response.

Craig Stanke is the deputy managing editor at While I was appreciative of his quick tweet reply, it actually was referring to a different game that CBS was airing. And so I replied:

Again. Immediate response from Mr. Stanke.


I kid you not….within just a few minutes (an eternity in college basketball terms), the game was back on. Long enough for me to see Arizona win. (Woo Hoo).

Was it because of my tweet? I’d like to think so. In the old days, you’d have to call your local station to complain and hope that your complaint was actually heard. But with Twitter, fans have direct access to networks, sports media, teams, athletes, league officials and more. It gives fans a voice like never before.

I used my voice. CBS Sports responded. So I can think of no better way to thank them than…tweeting and posting about it:

Thank you Craig Stanke and CBS Sports.


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Spanning the Twitterverse: Friday Fun Tweets

Whoa baby! Friday snuck up on me this week. Writing and ranting. Tweeting and entering contests.

Wait, what?

Yes, that’s right. Yours truly is up for Xfinity’s Social Media Sports Reporter contest.

Who better for the job than me? Lifelong sports fan. Knowledge across the sports spectrum; not just the major sports. Blogging about social media in sports. Hello!! Right up my alley. So please be sure to vote for me once a day. Voting ends February 19th. 

Thank you for allowing me that small PSA (personal service announcement).


Let us resume the fun……because it’s time for Friday Fun Tweets.


The wonderful thing about Twitter is even though football is over we can still talk, or tweet, about it. Thank goodness because these were some of the funnier or more interesting tweets from the past week. Super Bowl tweets can be found here and here.

First the Pro Bowl and now this? Seattle Seahawks’ Safety Earl Thomas wants to play on offense?

What’s not to love about a Tecmo Bowl tweet? 

There’s a contingent of Seahawks’ fans who would like to see a new quarterback for next year. Count the 520 bridge as one in that contingent. (Yes, the 520 bridge has its own Twitter account.)


Enough football. Sacrilege to say in this country I know but I do cover other sports’ tweets.

This next one might be slightly older but if you’ve been on Twitter long enough, you know this to be true.



Too many good ones this week to choose one.

Maybe this one is my favorite!!! 


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Spanning the Twitterverse: RIP Gene Bartow

Spanning the Twitterverse to bring you the constant variety of tweets
The thrill of the retweet and the agony of the unfollow
The human drama of the twitter timeline
This is CadChica’s Wide World of Tworts

When a tweet comes through in the Twitterverse, sometimes you don’t give it a second thought. But then there are times when you go back through and re-read it and you realize that there was much more to it.



And so it was.

Death happens. But sometimes it can be pretty strange, especially now on Twitter. While watching the Sugar Bowl game between Michigan and Virginia Tech, news of Gene Bartow’s death happened. Many were tweeting insight, opinion, frustration or happiness regarding the game, a few tweets were sprinkled in about Gene Bartow. It all felt kind of odd and sad in a way. Kind of odd to read “#GoBlue” in one tweet and “saddened to hear” in the next tweet. 

I did not know, nor did I ever meet the man. But from reading tweets and stories on him, he seemed to be genuine, which is an often underrated quality in a person. Some recommended stories so far: one from the New York Daily News that may give you a little bit of insight into who he was; the UAB website also has a dedication page for him. 

Prayers and condolences to his family and friends. 

Here is what the Twitterverse had to say about the passing of Gene Bartow: 



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