Special Sunday Edition: The Miller Saga

Spanning the Twitterverse to bring you the constant variety of tweets….the thrill of the retweet….and the agony of the unfollow.…the human drama of the twitter timeline….This is CadChica’s Wide World of Tworts

Normally I don’t blog on Sundays but I had to post my thoughts on the Sean Miller to Maryland story on Twitter.


Drama with a capital D. That would best describe the last few days of the Arizona and Maryland “dance” over Coach Sean Miller. Being a self-proclaimed Twitterholic, I was one of the “many” that got caught up in the rumor-mill. It was easy to do. There are so many athletes and sports media journalists/outlets on Twitter now that accessing information from around the country, let alone the world, is easier to do than ever before. Trying to sift through what was rumor and what wasn’t over the last few days was just, nerve-wracking!!!!


One would think that a station with the ESPN moniker would have its facts right. Based on what they were told, Miller would be the next coach. Andy Katz from ESPN national (the mothership), may give some credence to the reporting done by ESPN 980 (Washington D.C.)

But, from the Arizona perspective, The Wildcat Sports Report tweeted this regarding the last 36 hours:

Reading the article linked in WSRArizona’s tweet, it doesn’t so much discount what Terrapin media or fans were tweeting about Miller being their next coach. Rather, it provides information from Arizona “sources”. In either case, take them for what they are worth. Both are unconfirmed sources until the key parties confirm or deny. Who can say who was right or who was wrong? But, it was a Twitter hurricane of Category 3 proportions.

Yet, the beauty of Twitter is the sharing of information instantly. The drawback of Twitter is trying to identify what is information is legit and what isn’t. As Arizona Republic sports columnist Paola Boivin put it:

It’s not the fault of Twitter (I’m speaking like it’s a person — sheesh). It’s up to each tweeter to figure out for themselves what to believe or rather what to re-tweet. The problem, therefore, at least for me is when the subject becomes personal. As stated in my “About” section of the blog, I am an Arizona Wildcats basketball fan. No, I’m not an alumnus, nor did I even try to attend the school. I grew up watching them in the Phoenix/Mesa area. I was hooked. Even after I moved up here to the Pacific Northwest, I have continued to follow them as much as I could; which has gotten better as technology has improved. So this story, challenged me immensely.

My sheer panic over the last few days only proves my passion. Or maybe it’s my overzealousness when it comes to Wildcat basketball. I, quite literally, was looking for any small nugget I could find, including below:

How pathetic! I immediately thought the wrong thing when I discovered that nugget. Little did I know that about an hour or so later, this would crop up:

Arizona Athletic Director not allowing any media outlet to scoop him on this news story, tweeted Sean Miller’s status himself. Major props to him for not only tweeting the news it but working to keep Miller at UofA.

In the aftermath however, I am admonishing myself for getting caught up in the Twitter-hype. Nobody knows what really happened other than the man himself, Sean Miller, and his family. Maybe Greg Byrne knew but he’s not Sean Miller. He doesn’t know everything that Coach Miller is thinking 24 hours a day. The sad part of all of this is related to my tweet above regarding Coach Miller’s wife, Amy. It’s from an Arizona “fanatic”:


And yes, she has deleted her account. A sad end to a whirlwind of a weekend for both Arizona and Maryland fans. And although they got a new contract, I’m not sure I blame The Millers if they are shaking their heads and wondering if it’s all worth it sometimes. It’s part of the business, but does it have to be?

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Spanning the Twitterverse: Monday Style

Spanning the Twitterverse to bring you the constant variety of tweets…the thrill of the retweet…and the agony of the unfollow…the human drama of the twitter timeline..This is CadChica’s Wide World of Tworts


A few days ago, George Mason men’s basketball coach, Jim Larranaga left to become the head coach at the University of Miami. If you remember, Coach Larranaga was one of the coaches I checked on during the tournament to see how many followers he had. Back then, his follower count was at 2673. Since news of his leaving George Mason broke a few days ago, naturally, I checked on Friday to see where he stood. Here we go:

@MasonCoachL: 2790 followers (Friday morning)/ 2824 followers (Monday evening)

Considering where he was at during the tournament, I suppose it’s a decent amount. He does not have any other account so given that the account name is “MasonCoachL” and he’s no longer at George Mason, maybe the Miami basketball fans actually have a clue and won’t follow him like the Tennessee fans did with new coach Cuonzo Martin (see FOLLOWER UPDATE here).


A couple of interesting tweets from Darren Rovell today regarding Twitter influence amongst sports figures.

I think I follow every one of them OR they’re at least on one of my lists. However, I don’t think Darron Gibson of Manchester United will make that list any time soon.


Yes, I am American and yes I love soccer. If you’ve read “About” me, that is one of my sports. Some of you may have read about Seattle Sounders’ talented midfielder Steve Zakuani this weekend. On Friday’s game (which I did post about on Friday), was injured during a game against the Colorado Rapids, breaking his tibia and fibula on a horrible tackle from Brian Mullan. As I am prone to do anymore, after recovering from watching the video of course (yes, you do hear the bones breaking), I checked his follower update. Comparing it to tonight, it is as follows:

@stevezakuani11: 3349 followers (Friday night) / 4507 followers (Monday night)

Nice to see soccer fans showing their support. Get Well Soon!!!!


The gauntlet was thrown down.

The challenge was accepted:

And the countdown begins. Early on, it looked as if Juan Agudelo was going to run away with it. But, Teal Bunbury has made a stong push tonight. Should be fun to keep an eye on this week. Here is where we are at (PST):

@TealBunB: 5129 followers @ 12:30 / 6971 followers as of 6:28pm

@juanagudelo17: 5184 @ 12:30 / 6739 followers as of 6:30pm

Let the game begin!


Ahh, those lovable Mariners. What more can you say about this season:

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Life Stories on Twitter

Some days, deciding on a blog post is challenging. There may be so many topics to choose from that isolating what you want to write about is hard. That’s a good problem to have mind you but, with the limited amount of time I have after working all day, I have to decide quickly so as to have enough time to write about it. Other days, there’s not enough going on in sports (check back with me in July), that it’s almost like looking for the elusive end of the rainbow.

But, not today.

No follower updates today. Today, is about the human side of sports; life.

Life is precious. And it feels, quite often, too short. Take the story of Maggie Dixon, former Army women’s basketball coach. Written by Liz Merrill for espn.com, it’s the story of a young coach, who, albeit briefly, changed the lives of a team, a school, an assistant coach and countless others who we’ll never know. For those who don’t know, Maggie is the younger sister of current University of Pittsburgh men’s basketball coach, Jamie Dixon. For one season, Maggie, the 28 year-old coach at Army, took a team that nobody had high expectations for and took them to the NCAA women’s tournament. Cut down by a heart arrhythmia at the age of 28, 5 years after her death, many of the people interviewed are still impacted by her presence, her words and her life.

A second chance is all some people ask for when given a death-sentence diagnosis like former CNN Sports anchor Nick Charles was in 2009. Diagnosed with incurable bladder cancer, he was given 20 months to live. In an article by Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN, Nick talks about his life before and after his illness. Like so many of us, he has made mistakes. Fortunately, he has lived long enough, 21 months post-diagnosis as of the article, that he has been able to make amends somewhat for them. Whether you or a loved one are facing or has faced a diagnosis such as this, or even if you haven’t experienced it whatsoever, to hear the words of a man who understands and, shall we say “gets it”, you learn to appreciate life as a whole.

I encourage you to read those stories. Tweet about them. Post them on your Facebook status. Whatever it is you do, do it. Because in this crazy world and even this crazy sports world we live in, we need to share these stories to sometimes remind us that life is too short and you never know what tomorrow will bring. Read, count your blessings and share. God’s blessings to the Dixon and Charles families 

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Follower Update and Twitter Trash-Talking

There is no stopping this Twitter train. Last night, I thought I had checked the follower lists one last time. But, somewhere along the way I’ve become fascinated by them. And so, without further adieu:


 Shaka Smart: @coachsmartvcu  =  6754 last night / 6840 tonight

Brad Stevens: @BUCoachStevens  = 12,601 last night / 12,283 tonight

Jim Calhoun: @CoachCalhoun = 366 last night / 386 tonight

Missouri State account: @CuonzoLMartin 1851 last night / 1851 tonight

Tennessee account: @CuonzoMartin  4176 last night / 4207 tonight

Well done Rocky Top. No changes on the Missouri State account. Woo Hoo. Not sure if I typed the numbers wrong for Coach Stevens or not though. Hard to believe he “lost” followers so maybe last night’s number was 12, 061. We’ll keep an eye on it though to see if it’s a trend. Now that basketball is done, I’d expect a bit of a slow down. At least until we get closer to Midnight Madness.


The women’scollege basketball championship was tonight. Those two heavyweights UConn & Stanford met. Wait. The coronation of those teams would have to wait because they were beat in the semis on Sunday by Notre Dame and Texas A&M, respectively. And so we were left with two newbies. I know Notre Dame is not really a newbie but it seems the talk centered around UConn and Stanford as being destined to meet in the final for most of this year. Not that I’m a women’s basketball fan but if you listen to sports radio or read sports websites often enough, you’re more than likely to read about UConn and Stanford.

I didn’t watch the game tonight until the last few minutes. I followed along on Twitter, of course. Thankfully, it was a better game than what the men turned in last night. Texas A&M defeated Notre Dame 76-70. Naturally, after the fact, I went to Twitter and decided to check the status of one of the players, who shall remain nameless. From my search, I found tweets upon tweets upon tweets just denigrating this player. Most of them had nothing to do with her playing. .

The more I typed this, the more confused yet irritated I got about this subject. To prevent from having to “edit” myself, I will now stop this subject right now. But I will ask this one question. Why is it okay to talk about female athletes’ in non-sports terms if they don’t do anything but just play their sport????? I am in no way a champion of “all things women’s sports” but come on now. Is it really necessary? Really? I’m not a politically correct person but I do know when to grow up…every now & then.

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Basketball Madness/Baseball Sadness

Three days & counting. In just three more days, the Final Four begins. Butler, VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University), Connecticut (UConn) and Kentucky begin their final quest to become the NCAA Men’s champion for 2011.

I am really hoping that the last few games live up to the tournament up to this point. We have had some amazing games, fantastic finishes and of course, in my case, heartbreaking endings (Arizona-UConn: ‘missed it by that much’). While you would expect that we will see great basketball this weekend, the question is, can they be what we want? Nobody knows for sure at this point but, all signs are pointing in that direction. That being said, I would be remiss if I didn’t give the Twitter Coaching updates today. So here we go:

Shaka Smart @coachsmartvcu :    5393 followers

Brad Stevens @BUCoachStevens :    10237 followers

(Forgot this one yesterday. Comparing new Tennessee coach Cuonzo Martin’s 2 Twitter accounts)

Missouri State account: @CuonzoLMartin 1799 followers

Tennessee account: @CuonzoMartin 3913 followers

I’ll to try keep following this over the next week. It will be interesting to see how much the followers jump after Saturday’s game between Butler & VCU. Will the winner of that game see a huge jump in followers????? We will see.

MY OH MY: The immortal words of legendary Seattle Mariners broadcaster, Dave Niehaus. Those words will never be uttered by him again. As many already know, Dave passed away last year of heart failure.

Being the college basketball fan that I am, I haven’t given much attention to baseball. I thought it was strictly because of basketball. Then I thought it was because baseball is so dog-gone long that you don’t really need to pay attention until the end of May or June right before the all star game; if for no other reasons that to see how far your team is out of it (excluding Yankee & Red Sox fans) or to find the latest rumors of which players on your team the aforementioned teams will be coming after. This year, with the Mariners, maybe by the end of April, we’ll begin to hear the rumors of the vultures circling (who am I kidding, we’ve been hearing it since the end of last season…not that there’s anyone other than Felix Hernandez).

But I read an article on ESPN today that made me realize how sad this baseball season is going to be without Dave’s voice. Musician Duff McKagan, who is from Seattle, really strikes a chord (pardon the pun) with his article about Dave. Speaking for many Mariners fans not only in Seattle but througout the entire Northwest. Dave’s voice was a constant for baseball fans from March-October. Like all great baseball broadcasters, he painted a picture with his voice describing every play to make you feel like you were right there in the ballpark. His was a voice that made you feel like everything was going to be alright. Things were okay as long as you could hear Dave’s voice on the Mariners broadcast. In this chaotic, crazy world we live in, sometimes we need those calm, reassuring voices in our lives to bring peace to the turmoil. Yes, even in baseball.

But this year will be different. No more ‘break out the rye bread & mustard grandma, it’s grand salami time’. No. Things will not be the same. I’m not sure how much I will pay attention this year. I know they still have Rick Rizzs, Dave Sims, Mike Blowers, et al. But they aren’t Dave and they would never try to be. His shoes are too big go fill, his microphone too much an extension of that voice. Mariners games won’t be the same. Then again, it’s like life. Life is never the same from year to year. Why should baseball be any different? 

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The Day in Tworts

According to my calendar, Spring has sprung. It is also track season here. Early track season. And early track season means, be prepared for really, crappy weather. Like today for instance.

At 3:30, my oldest son’s track meet began. At approximately 8:45, I arrived home. During that wonderful, lovely 5+ hour time frame, I sat in rain, hail, wind and sun. Thankfully, there was no snow. Being that it’s March in the Inland Northwest however, that would not have surprised me. Praise the Lord it did not!!

Given that I sat outside for 5+ hours without access to my laptop, my Twitter-Time today was somewhat limited. I was able to check it periodically throughout the day but given the elements I was in this afternoon, it just wasn’t happening. Nevertheless, here are some observations on the day in Tworts.

Baseball season is 2 days away. @MLB asked:

“What’s your favorite opening day memory?”

My reply: I don’t have one. By the time the season is done, I forget what happened on opening day.

As the Coaching Carousel Turns continues from @goodmanonfox

 Louisiana Tech hired Ole Miss assistant Mike White today, sources told FOXSports.com. White is son of Duke AD Kevin White.

and this:

Memphis coach Josh Pastner has inked a new five-year deal to stay with the Tigers. Sources told FOXSports.com Oklahoma never called him.

But my favorite tweet today came from @garyparrish

Can’t wait to see who breaks the Painter news today on Twitter. My guess: A radio station in New Mexico

 As of this posting, we are still waiting. Should hear more tomorrow if Matt Painter from Purdue is going to take the Missouri job.

Lots more went on today that at 10:30 at night I don’t have time to comment or get into. Suffice to say John Junker, the Fiesta Bowl and Evan Longoria’s stolen AK-47 were in there somewhere. However, keeping with the theme from yesterday’s posting, here are some numbers from today. Tracking on Twitter at 7am & comparing to tonight at 10:30 pm PST.  

Coach Brad Stevens from Butler: This morning , he had 9851 followers. Tonight he has 10,089.

Coach Shaka Smart from VCU: This morning, he had 4282 followers. Tonight he has 4716.

 Interesing stuff to say the least. Twitter is continuing to change the sports landscape. Not only in terms of media but the “all access” ability of sports figures and fans, recruiting, etc. Knowledge is power. And Twitter is leading the way.

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Post Madness Tworts

So the Final 4 has been set. Alas, it was a sad time for me this weekend. My Arizona Wildcats did not win their Elite 8 matchup with UConn  losing 65-63. A last second three-pointer by senior Jamel Horne hit the rim but it wasn’t to be (read more here). With a full day to recover from the loss, The Arizona Daily Star offers some perspective to Arizona’s season here.

So we have until Saturday to talk about the games that were and the games to come. And of course, we will also talk about what seems like a never-ending soap opera of As the Coaching Carousel Turns. It’s become an annual ritual. I know it’s not just in the NCAA men’s basketball programs but in all sports, NFL, NBA, MLB, you name it. It happens. But here is my Tworts tidbit for today:

The University of Tennesse hired Cuonzo Martin as their new basketball coach to replace Bruce Pearl. Cuonzo Martin sent his first tweet out today as Tennessee coach @CuonzoMartin. One tweet is all he has done but here are his stats so far:

1 Tweet     72 Following    3596 Followers    34 Listed

Compare that to his previous account as head coach at Missouri State @CuonzoLMartin  and here is what you come up with:

 159 Tweets    14 Following    1713 Followers    88 Listed

I’m no math genius here but in the span of a few hours he has doubled the amount of followers he had by leaving Missouri State (Missouri Valley Conference) and going to Tennessee (Southeastern Conference). Yes, it’s because he moved to a bigger conference but still, that’s just within a 5 hour time frame. His first tweet today under @CuonzoMartin was only 5 hours ago. I’m not sure when he created this new account but chances are, it was just today. Those SEC fans can be rabid about their sports, even if it’s not football. No, he’s no Charlie Sheen in the Twitter Universe but who is?

Correction: make that 3597 followers. I just decided to follow him.

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