Goodbye to MY Oakland Raiders

March 27, 2017. Darkness hovers over my sports fandom. The NFL, spurred on by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, approved the Oakland Raiders relocation move to Las Vegas. Las Vegas Raiders. excuse me while I tend to some digestive discomfort The Raiders. The Raiders. You say that name and you automatically think, Oakland. And if …
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Life Lessons from The Book of Amy Trask

The Book of Amy Trask Just write, baby. I could hear the voice of Amy Trask, channeling Al Davis, telling me to write. Write what, you ask? Write about the emotions and struggle I felt during and after reading her new book, “You Negotiate Like A Girl” (written with Mike Freeman). Emotions? Struggle? From a book? Yeah, …
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The Missing Point on Colin Kaepernick and the Anthem

ANTHEM CONTROVERSY The National Anthem  Colin Kaepernick A quick Google search reveals some interesting headlines. Former starting quarterback, now back-up quarterback, for the San Francisco 49ers, Colin Kaepernick, did not stand when the National Anthem was played this weekend at a 49ers home preseason game. His reasoning (as told to  “I am not going …
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