Eastern’s Quirky Playoff Win Over Montana

Sometimes the quirks go your way, sometimes they don’t. For the first time in three seasons, I did not attend a home Eastern Washington Eagles football game. Family obligations called me away at the last minute, so it felt like a quirky day not being at Roos Field. It’s hard to explain to people  how weird (and disappointing) it was to not be there. Although I couldn’t be there, I tried to watch as much of it as I could online. 

Quirkiest of all is watching a game from home versus watching it live. There is a completely different feel to it. Although tv provides replays, when you’re live, you can focus on the secondary or the wide receiver-defensive back match-up on the outside.  Or, just focus on one key battle in the trenches. With tv, you’re at the mercy of the cameras. 

As quirky as it was for me, that’s about how it played out for EWU and the Montana Grizzlies. 

  • Quirky: The #3 ranked offense in all of FCS (EWU) had one touchdown after one. 
  • Quirky: The #3 ranked offense in all of FCS (EWU) had 13 points at the half. 
  • Quirky: Montana, although only #6 in total offense in the Big Sky Conference, had been averaging 40+ points per game in their last three wins. They had three at the half. 
  • Quirky: Eagles ran 41 plays in the first half. Montana ran 30 plays. Again, score was 13-3. 
  • Quirky: Montana had more passing yards than Eastern – 223 to 182. The Eagles outrushed the Grizzlies, 212 to 124. 
  • Quirky: Montana ranked #2 in turnover margin in the FCS. They had three turnovers tonight vs Eastern’s one INT. 


With a first-round bye, the Eagles were rested. But, the Grizzlies were on a roll having won all three of their games since a 36-26 loss to the Eagles on November 8. A rainy day in Cheney could have contributed to the slow start for both teams. Familiarity too. Coach Beau Baldwin, “We got to a point the first time we played them where we played a lot of games in a row to that point. We had a lot of guys in need of a bye, and you could see that from a physical standpoint in that game. This game we were a little fresher.” 

Fresher and focused. Particularly on defense. “The turnovers were huge and we’ve grown this season. We make sure we aren’t using youth as a crutch to why we aren’t successful. No, we’re going to grow as a defense and keep getting better. The old guys are picking up the new guys, and Coach Graham and the staff keep tinkering and make adjustments.” Old guys like Todd Raynes with two interceptions, one returned for a TD and senior linebacker Ronnie Hamlin leading the Eagles with 9 tackles and one blocked punt (setting up EWU’s first touchdown). Young guys like freshman Victor Gamboa with eight tackles (one behind Hamlin), one forced fumble and one pass break-up. And, of course, sophomore Cooper Kupp with 12 catches for 86 yards, several key ones to keep drives alive. 

From a tv perspective, the key play for me was a 27-yard scamper by Quincy Forte in the 3rd quarter. Midway through the third quarter, Eastern was up 20-3. A 4-play, 82-yard drive by Montana cut the lead to 20-10. That drive was aided by a roughing the passer penalty deep in their own territory. It felt as if momentum was starting to turn at that point, albeit from my couch. Eastern took the next possession, 10-plays, 75-yards topped by the Forte drive. Although the Grizzlies would cut the lead to 10 again in the fourth quarter, that first response by the Eagles was the back-breaker for me. 

Despite the loss, it was a stellar night for Montana seniors, Travon Van and Zack Wagenmann. Van finished with 9 catches for 161 yards, 1 kickoff return for 45 yards while Wagenmann had three sacks of EWU quarterback, Vernon Adams. Always tough to end the season and college career early for seniors. Wagenmann, “I feel like a lot of football teams claim they’re a brotherhood and a family, but I can honestly say we are. It has been incredible to play with these guys playing a game I love, and a game I know they love. To do that together for five years, we made some awesome memories. It has been an honor to know these guys.” Added Van on this senior class, “It meant a lot to play. I came in two years ago and they welcomed me with open arms and made it feel like a family. It sucks it had to end today but I love every single one of them. The young guys, the staff, the training room, all of them.”   

Not only the end of the line for the seniors, but the end of the line for Head Coach Mick Delaney too. Delaney is retiring after this game. “I am so proud of this football team and these coaches; they hung in there with me and with each other. I think the program is in great shape right now. We have a lot of great young football players and a good recruiting class. The program is going to be fine.”  

The Griz finish their season 9-5. They’ll be searching for a new coach, starting quarterback, starting #1 receiver – a big task for a proud, storied program. But, if history is indication, the Griz will be just fine. Eastern, on the other hand, has another home game in sight. They’ll host 11-1, Illinois State, next Saturday at 1pm local time in Cheney. 

This time, no quirkiness – I’ll be there. 




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Big Sky Chaos Still In Play

Three months ago. 

The college football season started three months ago – August 23 to be exact. On a gorgeous summer day, the Eastern Washington Eagles kicked off the season hosting the Sam Houston State Bearkats in a FCS (Football Championship Subdivision) battle. Weather in the 70’s. National television audience with ESPN. Stadium packed with antsy Eagles (and a few Bearkats) fans. Excitement was at an all-time high. 

It seems so long ago. 

Here we are, three months later, in November and we’re about to cap off the FCS regular season. The final games will be played this coming weekend all across the country. Playoff positions yet to be finalized. With so many races yet to be decided, the games are must-see-TV. 

In the Big Sky conference, Eastern Washington and the Montana State Bobcats (both 6-1 in conference play) are currently tied for first place and the conference’s automatic playoff bid. The Eagles hold the advantage for the conference’s automatic playoff bid, however, with their thrilling 52-51 win back in September in Bozeman. The match-up was a non-conference game. However, the Big Sky’s first tiebreaker is head-to-head, even in non-conference match-ups. 

#5 Eastern heads to Portland in their final regular season game to take on the Portland State Vikings. The Vikings are 3-8 on the season having lost five of their last six games. The Eagles (9-2 overall on the season) come into the game having won four of their last five, including a key 36-26 win last week at home versus the Montana Grizzlies.  

#12 Montana State, meanwhile, closes the season at #16 Montana. The Bobcats have lost two of their last three to the Grizzlies, but they’ve won four of their last five in the 2014 season. For the Grizzlies, the game now has extra special meaning. The Missoulian reported on Sunday that Head Coach Mick Delaney was stepping down at the end of the season. Delaney will turn 72 next month. Mustering the energy to run a high-level football program like Montana can be draining. Delaney said, ““I feel that now is the time, just from the standpoint that it takes so much energy and I’ve been able to manufacture that energy. I think, for three years.” 

No matter how the game in Missoula turns out, an Eastern Washington win means the Eagles win the Big Sky championship for the third straight year. And, the conference’s automatic berth to the FCS playoffs. It could very well mean a first round bye. An EWU loss coupled with a Montana State win earns the Bobcats the Big Sky championship. If both teams lose, then it’s Big Sky chaos at its best. Here’s the weekend schedule for teams still in the hunt for the title:

  • Eastern Washington @ Portland State, Friday, November 21, 7:10 pm ET
  • Montana State @ Montana, Saturday,  November 22, 5:10 pm ET
  • Idaho State hosts Weber State, Saturday, November 22, 4:35 pm ET
  • Northern Arizona hosts Southern Utah, Saturday, November 22, 4:00 pm ET

Montana, Idaho State and Northern Arizona all sit at 5-2 in the conference. If the Eagles and Bobcats both lose, the outcomes of the other three games come into play. We’ll know if the others matter, in terms of the conference championship, at the end of Friday. If the Eagles take care of business in Portland, kiss chaos good-bye. 

Then again, I’m a sucker for chaos. 


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End the Davis-Era in Oakland

The very first team I can remember cheering for was the Oakland Raiders. 

There was no team in Phoenix, Arizona where I lived. Yes, we had the Phoenix Suns, but there was something about the Oakland Raiders – my birthplace – that had my attention. Maybe it was the colors, The Silver and Black. Or, maybe it was the attitude they played with: Ted Hendricks, Lyle Alzado. Or, maybe it was the contrarian in me that made me love them – they were the anti-America’s Team (Dallas Cowboys). 

Or, maybe it was all of those things rolled into one big dose of Raiders fandom. I’m a Raiders fan. 

The Raiders are winners of three Super Bowls. The last one they won? Way back when in 1983. I was still in school. I was a youngin’. 

I was, I was, I was. 

And that’s what it’s been like for Oakland Raiders fans for decades now. Oh sure, there have been playoff appearances, but these days, the Raiders are the butt of jokes. No Commitment to Excellence in this decade. Or, the previous decade (Super Bowl appearance excluded) for that matter. 



Just how bad is it? 

Fired over the phone? Not competitive? 


As the Raiders have declined, my NFL fandom has waned. Oh, I still cheer for the Raiders. But, the days of must-watch NFL viewing has nearly become non-existent. I’ll check on the Raiders on game day (score only), but I’m more inclined to watch college football, basketball and soccer. I’ll always be a fan of the Raiders, but right now, they’re not showing me they want it with their ineptitude. 

Call it the Al Davis effect. For all his genius and innovation, the decline of the Raiders coincided with Davis’ decline. As Davis aged, so did his patience for coaches, his “keen eye” for talent – the Raiders slippage is on him…and now his son, owner Mark Davis. 

No, nothing will change with the Oakland Raiders. Davis can move them to a new city, but the results will remain the same. Unless he sells to someone new. Preferably someone who will keep them in Oakland (long-shot on that). But, the Raiders decline is a sad one for a once storied NFL (and previously, AFL) franchise. 

Speaking as a fan – enough with a Davis-owned Oakland Raiders team. Fresh vision is what the Raiders organization needs. Fresh vision for this decade, this century. They won’t get it unless Davis sells the team. 

It’s time for an end to the Davis-era in Oakland. 


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Stirring Passion Beyond Social Media Activism

I’ve seen the video. 

Wish I hadn’t, but I couldn’t write anything on this topic if I didn’t. 

The “it” I’m referring to is the video (now former) Baltimore Raven, Ray Rice, hitting his then-fiancee (now wife), Janay Rice in an elevator. You’ll have to Google it – I’m not embedding it in this post. There are enough click-hunting websites around to help you out.  Rice knocked out his fiancee with a punch. 

Knocked her out! And dragged her, yes dragged, her out of the elevator he hit her in. 

No disputing the video. No excuses. Nothing to explain away. It’s there for all to see. And, all to tweet and post updates about on respective social media feeds with passion.

Opinions are a dime-a-dozen. With a situation like the Rice one, social media is an easy vehicle in which to share those opinions. It also provides a fascinating look into the human psyche. Hatred, vitriol, condemnation, judgement – all sprinkled inside “opinions”. That begs the question, 

What are we going to do about it? 


It’s easy to tweet, post, share…whatever. It’s not always easy to “do” something. I say this because there is always a story behind the story. What was going on in Rice’s mind to hit a woman? What led up to it? No, not Janay’s actions. But, something triggered this in him somewhere in his life. Was it when he was a child? Was it as a teenager? Was it a culmination of everything in his life up to that point? Hard to believe that on that day he thought hitting was the way to solve the issue. If that’s the case, then please prove me wrong. If so, then it’s up to us as a society to change that. But, it has to be started early. 

I’m doing my best based on what I know to teach my sons. Based on what I know. What I was taught and observed throughout my life affects what and how I teach them, just as it does with Ray Rice and others like him. Only as they grow will I know if I instilled the right values and skills or not. I am challenged every single day to teach and model the right things in front of them. Is it enough? I’m not perfect – no one is. But, I’m investing in the next generation through my sons and organizations that aim to help kids around the world be positive members of society. 

So, instead of tweeting your horror about the Baltimore Ravens and their public relations fiasco or Roger Goodell’s job as NFL Commissioner, I’ll ask you — What are you going to do about it?


That story behind the story I mentioned….yeah, there’s also another side of the story. One that most people in sports media aren’t discussing today. There is the victim, Janay Rice, and, oh…the Rice’s daughter, Rayven. 


Rayven and Janay will live with this the rest of their lives. We won’t. We’ll move on to the next hot sports topic. Tweet, post and share our “hot takes” or display our incomparable sarcastic wit. And move on to the next thing next week. Or, maybe even tomorrow. We’ll forget.

That’s the challenge for all of us. Me included. To not forget. To remember what stirred that passion in us in the first place. The passion that made us tweet, share, post our anger, discontent, frustration should drive us to be the change not just say, there needs to be change

If we do that, maybe then, there won’t be another Rayven or Janay. 

Be the change you wish to see in the***

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Crossing the (Dark) Fantasy Side

We’ve all seen the tweets in our timelines.

I don’t care who wins. I just need the points for my fantasy team…

For all that Twitter can be for people (ugh, a marketing tool), it’s greatest asset is as the World’s Largest Sports Bar. Tweeting commentary during a live sporting event or conversing with others after a sports story breaks, it’s a place to shoot the breeze, vent your (sports) frustrations, question coaches or officials, or just let out a loud WOWWWWWWWWWW! (The more W’s the better in your Twitter-WOW). Twitter is the place for that.

And, it’s also the place to discuss your fantasy football team.

I understood that. It wasn’t my thing, but, heck, there’s a lot of things that people tweet on Twitter that aren’t my thing. They drive me crazy, but how you use it is up to you. So, I understood the whole tweet about my fantasy football thing.

And, I also understood those who got tired of the tweets.

Let’s be real here. Nobody cares about your fantasy football team except you. Not your Twitter followers . Not the media. And, most certainly not the players. Those in your league only care about your team so long as they can beat you. During a game? It’s just you.

There was a time when someone would say (tweet) the words “fantasy football” and as I am wont to do (thinking in song), I’d immediately think this:

BUT…peer-pressure does have its way of changing things. Especially through Twitter. (Not really)

Twitter-friend Sheri Grossman would not give up on getting me to join in. She runs a fantasy league during the NFL season and plays fantasy league baseball too. I said no last year, but this year…aww, heck, why not?!? Truth be told, I did try to get out of it. Sheri was unable to find another sucker…err, I mean, player. So, I caved and said yes, I’ll join the DARK SIDE of fantasy football. 


I secretly hoped that Sheri would find someone else at the last minute. But, at 5pm PT I found myself sitting in front of my computer, waiting. While waiting, I had to come up with a team name. OH THE PRESSURE! Your fantasy team name is EVERYTHING. You’re judged by your team name! What could I possibly come up with? 

Pressure. Tick-tock. Thinking, thinking. Processing, processing.

It needed to be football-related.

No, no. No player names. Too many go down that road. 



I came up with…

drum roll please……………………

Tweet Up The Middle 

Yeah, don’t ask.


Back to the draft. Waiting to draft someone. Who that would be I knew not. I bugged my fantasy football-playing son for help. He did, ever so briefly. Then I was left to my own devices. 

That’s…not a good thing. The result:

  • Drew Brees
  • Ben Roethlisberger
  • Larry Fitzgerald
  • Julian Edelman
  • Riley Cooper
  • Marvin Jones
  • Jerricho Cotchery
  • Vernon Davis
  • Travis Kelce
  • Bishop Sankey
  • Frank Gore
  • Terrance West
  • DeAngelo Williams
  • James White
  • Mason Crosby
  • St Louis Rams
  • Buffalo Bills

Those of you who have played before, what do you think? I was thinking I did okay, until this email came from Yahoo! Sports

2 unread    cadchicasports   Yahoo Mail

A “C stinking minus”???? Are you kidding me? C is average. C- is not-quite-good-enough-to-be-called-average-and-not-quite-bad-enough-to-be-called-passing-so-we-add-a-minus-sign

A C- means my scrambling ability out of the pocket stinks! That’s what C- means. 


Oh well. I know that I will be firmly entrenched at the bottom of the league. That’s okay. I’ll be lucky to remember to check my roster for next week’s games. (I already set my roster for this week, so we’re good.) I’ll do this thing once. To say I did it. I can’t say that I’ll turn into one of those fantasy-football-tweeters though. Who needs to tweet their fantasy football team when you can blog about it? Besides, most weekends for me are spent watching college football not NFL.

I’ll check standings. Make sure my guys are playing and wave to everyone above me. 

The saying goes, On Any Given Sunday, right? 

Life is just a fantasy…


CadChica Sports

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Hall of Fame Diary: Day 4

Today, was fan day.

No, not any special type of fan event. Today, had nothing to do with being media. It was all about just being a fan. 

Correction. There was some media work involved which you can read about at The Sporting Nation. Aside from that, it was all about the experience. Soaking it in began quickly:


Players adorned both walls as you enter the museum itself to the left. A who’s who greeting you hello. Hello, Jerry. Hello, Reggie. Hey, how you doin’ L.T. and Anthony? 

Alright, so maybe that’s just a me thing having a conversation in my head…with a wall…of players. (enter smiley face emoticon here)


Be the ball. 

Gold star if you know that line. That’s the first thing that popped into my head as I look at this picture again. The ball of today…so vastly different than the one from the old days, eh? 



Read any “Greatest Athletes” list and you’re sure to find the name of Jim Thorpe on there. Here he is bigger than life:

IMG_2120 IMG_2122








Game changer. As much as I may overuse the term, it applies here:



There were other #32’s. Then there was Jim Brown:





I think this would have made a great dress on me. Not that I would ever do that, but that was my first thought when I saw how big this jersey was.



He wanted me to take a picture with him, but I didn’t want to break the camera.



If you like history, this display is for you. It has yearly record for every team, including defunct teams or those under different names. 




Pro football as we know it today would never be what it is without technology:



Found this guy too. He didn’t ask to take a picture with me. Whew!



40 points in one game. Not in basketball. In football. By Ernie Nevers. 



One of my favorite displays to see? Mayyyyyyyybeeeeeee. 



Walter Payton may be right there too on the favorites.



These next two pictures belong together. If you haven’t heard the name Tom Fears, click here. 

IMG_2202 IMG_2204


The gold jackets are BIG!



On Pro Football HOF Weekend, the wait to see the busts is long. But, it was well worth it.




Anything to do with the Raiders, well, you know the drill with me:



In this edition of How to take a bad display picture… (still, it is Oakland)



Those who know me know that I hate having my picture taken. Bonus. I’ll edit for a better picture later.



As my friend Russ said, “Only place you’ll ever see this display.”


What a terrific time in Canton. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. One that I won’t soon forget. If you get a chance to go, DO IT!

Lots of pictures to sort through when I get home. I’ll add more later. Until next time…


CadChica Sports

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Hall of Fame Diary: Day 3

The best laid plans…

I don’t know who the mice and men were on Saturday, but they surely made things go awry.

One of the reasons for coming to Canton was to do a live show from here. My partner, Russell S Baxter, and I wanted to do our 1st and 60 Show somewhere in Canton. We found a place through some fortuitous connections by Russ and decided to broadcast live from TD’s Tailgate Grill in downtown Canton.

As we were going to utilize Google+Hangouts On Air, we needed to do some early testing. Testing was necessary – the mere thought of  trying to achieve this only provided a few hours of sleep the night prior. Although mixed early results, we thought we had it figured out. Oh how wrong I was!!!!!

If you have a couple of hours to spare and want to see a train wreck, well…this is for you:

Best laid plans don’t always include a bar full of rabid Buffalo Bills fans and a nasty storm rolling through. Remember that “Freeze Frame” song by J. Geils Band? Well, we had our own version of freeze-frame action going on. Freeze-frame, audio-freeze. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Freeze was in town.

So flustered was I that I had to order a BBQ Bacon Burger and fries. Normally this is where you put a #foodporn pic, but I was too frustrated to remember to pick up that phone and snap that pic. I picked up fry after fry after fry instead. Then the burger. Then, fry after fry after fry.

And  it was good.


Many, many thanks to the folks from TD’s Tailgate Grill for allowing us to attempt our Hangout from their establishment. Scott and his crew have a terrific place in Canton, OH. Special thanks to our waitress, Kayla.



Dwelling on that would not do today. There was a Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony to attend. I had no idea what to expect. But, my partner is an old pro at this, so I had nothing to worry about.

I thought I would have a different feeling walking into the stadium. A surreal moment? Maybe. But, it wasn’t like that for me.

HOF pic

It’s surprising. I’ve been in stadiums before. I’ve been to the Rose Bowl for a Rose Bowl game, not a regular season UCLA game. The Rose Bowl was magical. Fawcett Stadium was unassuming. Unpretentious. Nothing fancy. It is what it needs to be.

And, that fits just fine in the game of football.


I will admit, however, that it felt (for lack of a better word) weird to walk into the press box. I’ve walked into press boxes before, but not for an NFL event. On a daily basis, I see thousands of tweets (literally) in my job for Sportsmanias. I see their tweets and faces every work day. Seeing them in person all gathered together in one place felt a little…weird.

Well, that and this wasn’t an ordinary event. We would be witness to a momentous occasion in the lives of seven men and their families. Much sacrifice by both players and families. Many came from humble beginnings. Family was key to their development. That means both positively and negatively. Andre Reed mentioned his father was an alcoholic. Walter Jones “loved on” his mama from the podium for all she gave to him and his family growing up. No mention of his father.

And that’s what struck me. Every single player mentioned family.

They mentioned coaches.

They mentioned teammates.

They mentioned friends.

They mentioned people throughout their lives who helped them along the way. Even as kids.

Cheyenne Humphrey-Robinson, daughter of Hall of Famer, Claude Humphrey told how her father would bench press her and her sisters. Why? He wanted to “incorporate” them so they “would understand” what he did. He gave them a piece of himself while he gave a piece to his craft.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I was able to see Walter Jones play (on television only) on a weekly basis during the season. I knew of his holdouts. And, the franchise tags. I think I even saw him once in person when the Seattle Seahawks used to have training camp in Cheney, WA (home of Eastern Washington University).

Dude was big.

Dude had a trunk. A big, bad-a$$ trunk. 

When I listened to him last night, though, I didn’t think of what he did as much as what he said. Or rather, who he said it to.

To his ex-wife. 

I’ve heard or read the stories about what it takes to be a professional athlete. Many marriages fall apart because being a top-level athlete puts a strain on the relationship. It’s not the cause by any means, but it’s a key contributor.

It’s not often you hear someone thanking their “ex”. Jones even called her a friend. And yes, she was in the audience.



You could hear a pin drop.

Both in the press box and in the stadium.

Andre Reed was at the podium. Buffalo Bills fans were in the house.

Wait. Let me correct that. Andre Reed was at the pulpit. Buffalo Bills fans were in the sanctuary. 

Reed preached. Heck, a lot of the players preached in some way last night (more on that later). Although he would go on to have the longest speech last night, Reed should have just dropped the mic when he said early in his speech, “And oh yeah, the Bills will stay in Buffalo too.” (Google: Jon Bon Jovi, Buffalo Bills).

He wasn’t the only one with some memorable moments in his speech. Nothing quite like a pin dropping with Reed, but still memorable. Or, the roar of the crowd whenever former Bills’ quarterback Jim Kelly’s name was mentioned or he was seen on the screen.


Or this gem from Claude Humphrey:

And, Jones:


There were two speeches that stood out to me: Ray Guy and Aeneas Williams.

Guy for the obvious reason that he is an Oakland Raider and the first punter to ever be elected to the Hall of Fame. Although I was in the press box, I did find myself fighting back tears. Even when I was young, I knew there was something special about him. Listening to him last night, I still new. Some Ray Guy quotes:

  • On his parents: “Even though they are not here, they are here.”
  • On his mom watching games: “I don’t know how my mom ever knew what was going on because she had her eyes closed.”
  • On family: “I was taught to respect the family life.”
  • On playing for the Raiders: “I knew God had something special for me.” “Playing for the Raiders was my destiny.”
  • On advice from his dad: “Be who you are and no one else.”
  • On being in the Hall of Fame: “Now, the Hall of Fame has a complete team.”


Aeneas Williams made me feel like I was in church.

Or in the huddle. 

Speaking eloquently, Williams brought you in to who he was as a player and who he is as a person. Passionate. Every indication to me is that he’s passionate about everything. Faith, family, football. You name it, Williams is probably passionate about it. Two of the key phrases he passionately spoke about:

#1: Begin with the end in mind.

“The goal is to reach your potential”, Williams said. Begin with the goal of “your potential” is what he was saying. To achieve the heights he has in his football career, there was no time to dwell on what he was not. The focus had to remain on who he could be. 

#2: Die empty. 

I think the essence of that is give until you can’t give anymore. Give in whatever you do. Give to others. Give all that you are in this life and when you die, there will be nothing left to give. Give and will come back to you. 

 Begin with the end in mind. 

Die empty. 

What’s your focus on? 









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