Selfie Project: CadChica Style

Apologies to my sports fans, but this is not a sports post.  I hate having my picture taken. The reasons are few, but I equate to pulling teeth, nails scraping on a chalkboard and a new violinist all rolled into one.  I hate it.  Family and friends know this about me. Yet, they still try …
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Race In America: A Conversation in Shades

Picture This THE SCENE: Me, a mom of three biracial kids, sitting on the porch talking with my three biracial/multiracial grandkids talking about race in America. *** Hey kids. Would you mind coming over here for a minute? No, no. You’re not in trouble. I wanna talk to you about something. It’s something that has …
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The Joy and Teachings of José Fernández

No. 16, forever in our hearts. Dee Gordon will never forget his friend, José Fernández. — MLB (@MLB) September 25, 2016 I watched this video over and over this morning. So many thoughts ran through my head. One minute it’s “why”. The next minute is “I can’t imagine what is going through Dee’s mind”. …
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