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The Analytical Mind

Be still and know… Stillness is the enemy of an analytical mind. The analytical brain is in constant mode. In my case, I can have 10 different topics running through my mind at once or a single one with 10 different sub-tangents. Rarely does it shut off. And yet here I stood before stillness. Stillness of …
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Facebook Scores with Univision’s Liga MX Deal

Liga MX on Facebook Live will become a reality this Saturday Facebook Will Live-Stream Mexican Soccer in Deal With Univision #sportsbiz — Scott Soshnick (@soshnick) February 13, 2017 When Twitter announced their partnership deal with the NFL last year, I was disappointed. I long believed that people would watch sports via Twitter. Sports and …
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Seismic Shift in the Sports-Social Media World

WRITER’S NOTE: This article originally appeared on the now-defunct Yahoo! Voices network on May 23, 2012. The article is no longer available on Yahoo’s network. Reprinted here as the author of original work. *** Seismic Shift in the Sports-Social Media World A tremor in the sports-social media world took place this week. Did you feel it? …
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