Seismic Shift in the Sports-Social Media World

WRITER’S NOTE: This article originally appeared on the now-defunct Yahoo! Voices network on May 23, 2012. The article is no longer available on Yahoo’s network. Reprinted here as the author of original work.


Seismic Shift in the Sports-Social Media World

A tremor in the sports-social media world took place this week.

Did you feel it?

Most didn’t realize it when it happened. But, the early rumblings of a seismic shift in the Twitter/Sports relationship occurred, unsurprisingly, in the world of NASCAR.

On Friday, Twitter and NASCAR representatives announced a “business” partnership that is the first of its kind between Twitter and a sports league. The early details of this partnership, scheduled to begin next month at the Pocono race on June 10, entails a promoted NASCAR hashtag (#NASCAR) as well as a NASCAR specific page to take the fan-sport interaction to another level.

Currently, Twitter has promoted tweets that occur on users timelines. According to Twitter: “Promoted Tweets are ordinary Tweets purchased by advertisers who want to reach a wider group of users or to spark engagement from their existing followers. To what extent the “promoted tweets” have been successful or not depends on who you ask. But according to this May 2011 article, Twitter expected ad spending to triple from 2010 to 2011.

So how does this affect Twitter’s new relationship with NASCAR? Can you say: #WINNING?

NASCAR has long been known for being a “fan’s” sport. History shows large attendance numbers at races as well as the driver interaction with fans proved to be beneficial to NASCAR’s growth. Despite the economy cutting into those numbers, NASCAR has been able to evolve and adapt, using social media to do it.

Because their drivers were already accessible to the public, the use of Twitter by NASCAR and their drivers was a natural extension. Highlighting this was Brad Keselowski, earlier this year. During the Daytona 500, there was a fiery crash that Keselowski had opportunity to snap a picture of as it happened in front of him. Using his phone, he tweeted the picture to the world.

Not knowing how this simple act would take off (he gained over 100,000 followers in just a matter of hours), it proved the connection of Twitter and sports beyond just the sport of NASCAR. It was a trending topic online but work offices around the country. The power of NASCAR. The power of Twitter.

Twitter social media shift

Fast forward to Friday. Twitter and NASCAR joining forces. Hashtag promotion. A NASCAR-specific page on Twitter. A page where tweets will be curated (gathered), from media, the fans, drivers, their families and crew centrally located in one place. What are other fans saying about the race? The media? Anything happen before the race fans should know about? Fans will no longer have to search for the hottest topics during the event. Twitter will do it for you.

That is a good thing. Less work for the fan to do, the more likely they’ll be to stay on that page. A captive audience if you will. And in the world of advertising, that’s the best type of audience to have.

If it succeeds, that tremor, that seismic shift…is only the beginning for Twitter and sports. 


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Seahawks-Panthers: Tweets of NFL Players

One of the best things about Twitter is access. Access to sports media and yes, access to athletes. With the NFL regular season over and the second weekend of playoffs kicking in,  many players are watching. Players whose season ended far to early for them, are still watching the game. Former players too. 

As players watch, they tweet. They’re fans. Just like us. They react to plays just like we do, but they do it with a far more discerning eye. They know the grind. They know the ups and downs of a game. Of a season. Or even a single play. 

Don't worry Panthers fans, Seattle

Some provide simple reactions that we fans would tweet. Others, provide more inside scoop. More in-the-huddle or on-the-sidelines chatter. Fans love Twitter for things like this. 

But, a night like the one in Seattle, where the Seahawks hosted the Carolina Panthers, it brings out all kinds of athletes. Not just NFL ones either. An off night for the Golden State Warriors meant a quick trip to Seattle for Steph Curry (known Carolina fan).













(AKA: From a Seahawks fan to a Panthers fan)


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NFL Wins 2014 Nielsen Sports TV Ratings

2014 Nielsen Sports TV Ratings – According to Twitter

Nielsen just dropped their Top Sports Events for 2014 according to Twitter. And although the World Cup was a HUGE event in 2014, it could do nothing to top the Seahawks-Broncos Super Bowl. Noticeably absent: Olympics, World Series, NBA Championship. 

Noticeably, but not surprising. A single sporting event, a championship one, is certain to outdraw a 7-game series at this level of sport. Call it the fear of missing out factor. No need to watch game one of the World Series or NBA Championship because it’s a best four out of seven. The Winter Olympics aren’t as big of a draw as the Summer Olympics — add in the timezone factor and it’s no match for the Super Bowl or World Cup. 

Complete chart below. (Source: Nielsen)

Tops of 2014  Social TVCadChica Sports


Peeking at The Twitter Mentions: Jeff Long

angry twitter


When you’re in the public eye, criticism happens. When you’re in the public eye and on Twitter, AND you happen to chair the committee that just decided the four teams to participate in the first-ever Division I-A football playoffs…well, goodbye to your @ mentions. When Twitter is angry…well…people tend to not hold back with their emotions. 

Exhibit A: Jeff Long, Arkansas Razorbacks “Vice Chancellor for Intercollegiate Athletics and Director of Athletics College Football Playoff Selection Committee” (from his Twitter bio). He felt the full wrath of “angry Twitter”.  

NOTE: Tweets are not unfiltered. 









If that wasn’t enough from college football fans today, let’s do a quick search of committee member, Condoleeza Rice. Politically-influenced tweets, for sure. Let’s shorten it to “Condi” for Twitter-character sake: 


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Sports Twitter Takes Advent-age

My Christmas decorations are up around the house. Yes, really. I had to wait until after Thanksgiving to do it, but they’re up. I decorated mostly on Friday with touch-ups on Saturday and Sunday (in-between sports-watching, of course). But, there was one thing I forgot.

Advent Calendars!!!

Did you have those growing up? I loved advent calendars. Something innocently magical about opening that little window for 24 days straight and finding a treat inside. So, when I remember, I want to give that feeling to my kids too. Decorating wouldn’t be complete without it – so I went out and bought not one, but two.


Yes, one of the windows was opened today – by youngest son. He was hungry. 


When scrolling through Twitter today, I saw a reference to advent calendars. Twice, advent calendars were referenced by sports-related Twitter accounts: FC Barcelona and BBC Sports.

I won’t spoil it for you by telling you what the first ones were (hint: BBC Sports’ is unavailable outside of the UK, sadly). Click on the link(s) in the tweets to see what was behind the first window. But, it got me thinking about what creative content teams and leagues will be sharing this Christmas holiday season. My quick search proved fruitless, unfortunately. They’re missing out on a fun opportunity to be creative. 


ADDED: Not a Twitter campaign, but definitely worth sharing. Snapchat provides a perfect vehicle to use Advent Calendars. Here, Iowa State is connecting with fans in a unique way during the holiday season with their Advent Calendar Snap.IMG_3725


Did I miss any sports Twitter accounts doing an advent calendar? If so, let me know either in the comments below or on Twitter, @CadChica.

For a fun, non-sports Christmas promotion, read about what Ted Baker is doing on Instagram from The Drum


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Champions League’s Creative Favorites

How many tweets have you Favorited? 

If you’re anything like me, you have an a number that shall not be mentioned  amount of Favorites. Spend time on Twitter on a daily basis and, well, you see a lot of content that you’re afraid to miss out on. I keep meaning to get back to them, but something invariably comes up and I…well…I…keep meaning to get back to them. In other words, I have a lot of Favorites. 

People use their Favorites as a curation tool like me. Or, they simply Favorite because they like the tweet…also like me. Or…like me again…they use them to use in stories later on. On occasion, I’ll go through and remove some of them, but I still wind up with a total number that shall not be mentioned

But, today I saw a unique way for the Favorites tab to be used:


The UEFA Team of the Year is a big deal around the world. It is an opportunity for fans to weigh in on who the best Starting XI are in the world of football (European and international matches). Last year, UEFA saw over 6.3 million votes cast for the 2013 team. As of today, that number has been surpassed with vote total nearing 6.4 million. 

Twitter is part of the voting process again this year. The above tweet from the Champions League makes it somewhat easier for fans to vote for their player. When checking the Favorites for the Champions League, all players selected for the voting process had tweets similar to those below. As you can see, Cristiano Ronaldo was leading Lionel Messi in a big way at the forward position 20k retweets versus 8k. NOTE: That number was checked earlier this afternoon. Number has risen since post time.

Favorite Tweets by Champions League   ChampionsLeague    Twitter

The original tweets were sent out on November 26. Rather than tweeting the same tweets over again, Champions League favorited their original tweet and simply referred fans to their Favorites tab. That, to my knowledge, hasn’t been done before. 

Accessing someone’s Favorites tab is easy. No matter if you’re using your desktop or a mobile device, click on the Twitter handle, click on their Favorites and you can see all tweets that have been Favorited (that’s how you can see how many Favorites I have too — yes, it’s time to do some cleaning of that tab).  From there, it’s just a simple matter of pressing the Retweet button and the vote is in. 



Great, innovative way to make it easy for fans by the UEFA Champions League account. 

Simplify, simplify, simplify. 


SIDE NOTE – I also like how UEFA is providing Live Voting Trends, per position, on their website too. 

Team of the Year


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