Mondogoal Adds Chelsea FC To Client List

NOTE: Mondogoal adds Chelsea FC to its growing client list. The Chelsea FC partnership below comes on the heels of Mondogoal’s FC Barcelona partnership last week. The fantasy gaming site is lining up major partnerships in the world of football. Fantasy followers, if they have not already, should take notice. Fantasy sports will continue to grow in popularity not just in America but around the world. Mondogoal’s growing client base is impressive and worth watching in the fantasy sports industry.


Mondogoal Creates Fantasy Sports Engagement Partnership With Chelsea FC

One of The World’s Elite Sports Brands Launches Pay Fantasy Games With One Of The World’s Fastest-Growing Fantasy Platform Developers

January 19 , 2015 RAMSEY, ISLE OF MAN and BOSTON, MA:  Mondogoal, one of the fastest growing global fantasy sports platform developers focused on the world’s biggest sport of soccer, today announced the addition of Chelsea FC as a team partner.  This latest partnership further cements Mondogoal as the partner of choice with global soccer clubs. Chelsea joins a growing list of  Premier League, La Liga and Italian Serie A clubs as team partners promoting Mondogoal’s club-branded version to its fans around the world.   The Chelsea version of Mondogoal is live at
“There are few global brands, let alone soccer clubs, that are more progressive and respected than Chelsea FC,” said Mondogoal CEO and Founder Shergul Arshad. “On the field, they have won everything there is to win, and count legends such as Zola, Terry, Lampard, and Drogba.  They are currently the top team in the EPL behind Hazard, Diego Costa and Fabregas, among others.  In the digital space, their cutting edge work in engaging a worldwide fan base  is well documented, and we know that the addition of a unique pay fantasy platform for a first time will extend their engagement with fans even further.”

“As a club we always looks to engage our global fan base in new ways, we see fantasy as a next great opportunity, and are proud to partner with Mondogoal on this new venture,” said Mark Bell, Head of Licensing, Chelsea FC. “We have seen studies that show US daily fantasy sites get 70% of their revenue from NFL games, but around the world  70% of global sports wagering is directed at soccer, so this partnership should be well received by our followers.”

Because Mondogoal is licensed to operate globally, it is the only daily fantasy sports site available for cash play in multiple major markets around the world, with specific emphasis on the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Ireland, and Brazil.  In just over 20 weeks since full season launch with its partners in soccer, Mondogoal is already offering major cash prizes throughout the week, and the adoption of a new form of engagement with fans of soccer clubs not used to fantasy play is growing exponentially every week.  With Mondogoal, simply login or create an account, add funds, and every matchday there is the chance to win money by building a formidable starting 11 and competing in a Head-to-Head battle or Multi-User-Tournaments. Participants must be at least 18 years of age (19 in Alabama, USA and Nebraska, USA) and meet the minimum age requirement in their jurisdiction or territory to contract and use the Site and play the Contests in the jurisdiction, territory, or location where they are gaming.

Data analytics for use by consumers are compiled in real time by Perform’s Opta Sports, with points  awarded for goals, assist, tackles won or lost, shots on goal, passes completed, shutouts and much more.  Mondogoal runs contests on a daily or match-day basis for La Liga, Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, Major League Soccer, Ligue 1, the FA Cup, European Championship Qualifiers and the prestigious Champions League and Europa League. 

For a full set of contests and to sign-up today please visit:
Mondogoal  Fantasy Premier League   FA   Barclays   Chelsea 
About Mondogoal:

Mondogoal, incorporated in the Isle of Man with business operations in Boston, Massachusetts USA, has a compelling and unique fantasy sports engagement system to enable fans to have many ways for their players to earn points. With data provided by the world’s leading analytics company, Opta Sports, statistics are updated live, so fans can enjoy a true second screen experience as they watch their favorite matches on TV or at the stadium. While many sites can offer fantasy sports or even fantasy soccer, no one brings the excitement of real-time scoring, multi-league competition and large cash competitions to the global soccer audience the way Mondogoal does. 
The company has an impressive roster of investors with backgrounds at Google, eBay, Morgan Stanley, Bingham Dana & Gould, and JBoss and has equity advisors who have been leaders in the eGaming space as well as in the business and digital operations of some of the world’s elite soccer clubs. For more detail go to
Contact info:
Joe Favorito/917-566-8345

Sports On Pinterest Tips

Sports Food on Pinterest   139 Pins

My own personal favorite: My Sports Food Board


Sports on Pinterest

Sports on Pinterest can be successful. Really! But, one of the biggest questions I come across when it comes to sports and social media has to do with teams, leagues and brands and Pinterest. How can they make Pinterest a viable platform in their overall strategy? How many resources do we have to devote to it? Can we just schedule the same content as our other platforms? How can we find the time to invest in it? Let’s just pin and see if this works.


I may be a fan with a journalist’s perspective, but I know enough to know that Pinterest isn’t your average platform. Similar, however, to other platforms, what worked when Pinterest first started, won’t cut it now. I have a lot of followers, but how do you connect with them in a more meaningful way? 

Most sports entities have a built-in advantage – wherever they are, fans naturally follow. But, once a connection is made, then what? With the changes being made to Pinterest and advertising and business, there is a potential to connect even deeper with fans on the platform. 

To examine this deeper, I asked two people I know that use and/or monitor Pinterest on a regular basis: Jeff Sieh and Bob McKamey. Jeff is a marketer based in Texas who hosts a popular Google+ show called, “The Manly Show”. It was formerly known as “The Manly Pinterest Show”. Bob the founder of a Chicago-based studio, Uncommon Thinking, that works with major brands, athletes and schools for their branding needs.

After reading some of their answers to my questions below, I have some serious updating to do on my boards. 


Q1: Pinterest. A hugely popular social platform. What is your level of involvement on Pinterest?

Jeff – I don’t have a set schedule, but I try to touch Pinterest twice a day.  I pin once in the morning and then again in the evening.  I believe that any success I have gained in Pinterest is because of this consistency.


Bob – I first became aware of the platform in early 2012, when it started to get a lot of buzz, and decided to do a report on how pro teams (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, NASCAR, WNBA) were using it. Since that initial report I’ve followed it pretty closely ever since, and added the following ones:

  • 10 Insights from Athletic Depts on Pinterest – November 09, 2014
  • Pinterest & Athletic Departments v2 – November 07, 2014
  • Creative College Athletics Pinterest Board Cover Images v2 – October 31, 2014
  • Pinterest & Sports Teams v3 – November 26, 2013
  • Pinterest & Sponsor Integration – October 31, 2013
  • Pinterest & Athletic Departments v1 – October 16, 2013
  • Creative College Athletics Pinterest Board Cover Images v1 – October 15, 2013
  • Pinterest & Sports Teams v3 – December 11, 2012
  • The Pinterest Username Dilemma for Sports Teams – December 10, 2012
  • Sports Teams Not Turning to Pinterest for Holiday Sales – Dec. 10 & Nov. 30, 2012
  • Pinterest & Sports Teams v2 – March 27, 2012

I also manage a popular NASCAR driver’s account, and consult with a few college sports programs on their presence.


Q2: There is a stereotype out there that Pinterest is just for women. What is your response to that line of thinking?

Jeff – I think there still is that stereotype, but I think that is changing.  Pinterest is really working hard to capture more male users.  In fact, if you look at some of their more recent video promos, you’ll really notice a male element.

Also, more men are currently joining Pinterest than ever before.  Male sign-ups for Pinterest are now growing faster than women, with men accounting for one-third of all sign ups on the site.   What’s really interesting is that more men are using Pinterest in the U.S. than read Sports Illustrated and GQ combined.  That is a pretty big number! (TechCrunch, Nov. 2013)

a certain amount of platform

Bob – The stats do in fact show that women are the dominant audience (most reports have it at 70%) so that should be a major part of the focus when developing a strategy for the channel. The recent Pew InternetSocial Media Update 2014” report noted that: the % of online adults who use Pinterest equals 42% for Women, and 13% for Men.

From a sports category perspective even though women are the focus, the men demo shouldn’t be ignored, and I believe recent stats show the % of men users is growing steadily.

It’s important to understand how your fans are getting to your account. I think you’ll find women have an easier time organically finding your presence, whereas a certain amount of platform cross-promoting and more targeted marketing techniques will be needed to help your male fans discover what you have to offer them on Pinterest.


Q3: There are sports teams/leagues/schools/brands that are on Pinterest. Are there any that you know of who use the platform effectively?

Jeff – There are a lot of High School sport boards that many schools use to share photos, etc. A few pro ones that have quite the following


Bob – Quite a few teams do have accounts, but using the criteria for an “active” account as having posted a pin within the last 4 weeks, then the story is quite different (as of 1.11.15):

  • NBA – 28 teams with accounts, only 7 active (25%).
  • NFL – 27 teams with accounts, only 13 active (48%).
  • NHL – 29 teams with accounts, only 4 active (13%).
  • MLB – 30 teams with accounts, only 11 active (36%).

*From my Athletic Depts report last November, I looked at 78 Depts with accounts and only 29 (37%) were active using the same 4 week posting criteria.

Despite the overall inactivity in the sports team category, here are some that do a good job on Pinterest. 

Golden State Warriors

The Warriors are doing the best job of any team when it comes to Pinterest. They have the 3rd most Boards (55), and are the most active with an amazing 10,037 pins. From Board maintenance, to retail promotion, to social integration, to featuring a great variety of interesting content, the Warriors have a well thought-out strategy.

St. Louis Cardinals

Impressed with overall strategy from the Cards, three recent examples that standout:



Q3a: Any that don’t?

Jeff – There are still quite a few.  But I think that will really start to change this year as they see that Pinterest has the consumer that they are trying to reach.


Bob – If we’re talking about Board Maintenance, unfortunately from what I’ve seen I could probably give you examples from every team or close to 95% of them, but four that specifically stand out for the wrong reasons to me include:

NFL — Couple issues with the NFL:

1. It’s hard to tell if the NFL has an official league account or not. I used to cite /NFLOfficial as their account, but don’t believe that to be correct anymore. /NFL doesn’t exist, and since the league does an absolute horrible job of promoting their own social accounts on it leads you to believe they are the only major sports league without an account.

2. There is an /OfficialNFLShop account (has only 1,857 followers), but from the first board’s cover image showing guys training, to not including boards for every team, it’s just lacking in overall strategy.

For a league that is spending a lot of time/money trying to market to female fans, why would you not be killing it on a platform that has a 70% female audience and reaches 42% of ALL women online?

College Football Playoff  — You have to question why they even activated the account. It’s promoted on their website, but no updates in 16 weeks, no Boards for the four teams, no Partners Board, no Promotions Board, no Game Boards, no retail Boards promoting their own store. Just an overall missed opportunity.


Q4: What are the benefits of a sports entity being on Pinterest? How can they leverage it properly?

Jeff – Traffic hands down.  Plus most sports marketing is based in images.  If you’re doing any sort of marketing in the sports field, you should already have a library of great images of your sports brand or team.  People like looking at sports images.  We’ve been trained to like those types of images from various magazines like Sports Illustrated.



Bob – Some of the most obvious benefits include:

  1. Marketing – Pinterest and Tumblr are the fastest growing social media channels. (Mashable)
  2. Targeting Female Fans/Customers – 70% channel demo and reach of 42% of all online female users. (Pew Internet)
  3. Retailing – Number of orders through Pinterest is up 79% from last year, with the average order at close to $60 (Shopify).
  4. Traffic Driver – Pinterest drives more web traffic than any other social network (Shareaholic).
  5. Another perhaps not so obvious benefit from Pinterest is using the Secret Boards feature for competitive intelligence. For example, in our business this past year we saw a heightened use of custom graphics throughout social media, so we created six categorized secret boards and have pinned 300+ samples so far that we internally share and review to improve our own offerings.


Q5: Who/what are the best Pinterest accounts that you follow (doesn’t have to be sports-related)?

Jeff – Since I do a lot of marketing. I follow people like Cynthia Sanchez, Peg Fitzpatrick, Rebekah RadiceTailwind has some great boards that crosses a great deal of subjects.

The great thing about Pinterest is the ability to search any subject you’re interested in.  With the recent changes to their search algorithm, it’s easier than ever to find content you’re interested in.


Bob – I’d recommend the following:


Q6: If a team/league/school/brand or even athlete came to you asking how they can use Pinterest as part of their overall social media strategy, what advice would you give them? Where should they start?

Writer’s note: For Jeff’s answer, I chose this quick video 


Bob – Initial starter checklist I would run through with them:

  1. What are you currently doing on your other social media channels – how do you foresee Pinterest fitting in with your strategy (ie being unique)?
  2. What are you looking to get out of being on Pinterest – Goals/KPI’s?
  3. Are you, or is someone that’s part of your team, committed to maintaining the channel?
  4. Have you done a review of what your competitors are doing on the channel?
  5. Have you made a draft list of possible Board Topics you want to include?
  6. Have you done an asset inventory to see whether you have existing content that could be used to populate your Boards?
  7. In looking through your list of sponsors – are there any that would possibly be a good fit to being involved (Channel sponsorship, Board sponsorship, Board content, marketing/promotions)?
  8. Do you have a budget for any potential channel advertising (ie Promoted Pins)?


Q7: Top Pinterest tips?


1. Be consistent.

2. Check your links.  Make sure that you’re not repining broken links or spam..

3. Pin what you want.  Don’t just pin content related to your business.  People want to see that you have a life outside of work! (Writer’s suggestion: Jeff’s “Geek” Board)



1. Board Shelf-Life: Try to create Boards that warrant an ongoing shelf-life, ones that lend themselves to built-in content (i.e. frequent pin updates). Example from Danica Patrick’s “Fans” Board below



2. Use Board Descriptions: I’ve noted this in every larger report we’ve done, it’s that important. It’s shocking how many brands, teams, athletic departments, and athletes think that the short Board Title provides enough description/details.

3. Board Organization & Maintenance: Strongly recommend doing a periodic audit of your boards – way too many accounts have outdated boards and pins.

4. Promote & Cross-promote Your Channels: What’s the use in having an account on Pinterest if nobody knows about it? One of the easiest ways is to promote it on your website, and also through your other social media channels. We do studies every year looking at the social media integration on team websites, and far too many don’t promote all of their accounts (especially anything other than Twitter and Facebook).

5. Analytics and Exit Strategy: Pay attention to the analytics offered from Pinterest. Also, if for whatever reason you decide to leave the platform, pull down your outdated boards and just include a Connect Board featuring links to your websites and other social channels. Here’s a great Connect Board example from the Warriors


Q8: Final thoughts on Pinterest in sports?

Jeff – Get on it now.  If you don’t, your competitors will.  I still believe it’s a ground floor opportunity to get traffic to your site and build brand recognition on Pinterest.


Bob – Pinterest as a business and platform is still evolving, and the true best practices in the sports category are still to be determined in my opinion.

Consider that only 30% of teams in the big four sports leagues that have accounts believe it’s worth it to keep them updated. So either the majority is right and there’s not much benefit to the channel, or there’s a huge opportunity for a team to come in and be a category killer – make your goal to set the standard on how a team should use Pinterest to their benefit.

In closing, it’s important to remember that like any social media channel if you’re not committed, then really you’re just wasting your time – and unfortunately probably the time of your fans/customers too.


My thanks to Bob and Jeff for taking the time to answer my questions. They have provided great insight and thoughts on using Pinterest successfully. Be sure to connect with them below:


FINAL THOUGHTS: Pinterest doesn’t have to be the great unknown for those working in sports social media. Do your research and see if it fits in your strategy. As Pinterest continues to grow and focus on tools for business, it’s proving to be a player in the social media marketing landscape. Connecting with people who understand the platform like Jeff and Bob can go a long way toward success.


CadChica Sports

Cristiano Ronaldo, Golden Again

Another golden moment for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Portugal and Real Madrid star, Cristiano Ronaldo, won the 2014 FIFA Ballon d’Or. Ronaldo won the award over arch-rival Lionel Messi (Argentina, FC Barcelona) and Manuel Neuer (Germany, FC Bayern).

Based on voting tallies, the results weren’t close.

There were other awards at FIFA’s gala tonight. Not all of them were without controversy, however.






The nominees: Colombia’s James Rodriguez, Ireland’s Stephanie Roche and Netherlands’ Robin van Persie. It was a relatively close one, but Roche was unable to overtake Rodriguez’ World Cup golazo.




According to, the breakdown for number of tweets in the past day (below):

topsy ballondor


Ahh, the vote. Well, it is FIFA we’re dealing with here.  



For a full list of voters and their selections, click the link in the tweet below: 


When I monitored the Ballon d’Or last year, one of the things I paid close attention to was Cristiano Ronaldo’s social strategy. In 2013, Cristiano and his team released his own site (app): Viva Ronaldo. Shortly after he won the award last year, the news was shared first on his own site. This year, it was shared within moments of the announcement – before any of his other social accounts were updated.

2 Viva Ronaldo   The Cristiano Ronaldo Social Network




One thing I watch for from teams, brands, athletes is what they are sharing on each platform. What I say is not gospel when it comes to social media. Too many in social media believe that how they use social meida is how it should be done. I used to think like that. But, social media has become too big, too embedded in our daily lives, too varied for me to say it should be done a certain way. 

That said, I do believe that the content should vary from platform to platform. Give followers a reason to follow on that platform. Otherwise, why should they follow on Twitter if it’s the same content on Facebook? 

Ronaldo’s team shared the same content on each platform.







[fb_embed_post href=”” width=”550″/]




FINAL THOUGHTS: Notice a pattern? Same content. Same time. Different platforms. Side note: the Facebook post shows up on his

Granted, an athlete of Cristiano’s magnitude, his fans will follow him anywhere and everywhere. But, that’s not the case for every athlete and team. A team, league, school or athlete, even a sports brand, that isn’t of Ronaldo’s stature, shouldn’t be on every platform. Each platform requires observation and trial-and-error. Find what works within your strategy. Devote time to making it work. Success on the pitch, field or court doesn’t happen overnight – so why expect it to happen on social media? 


CadChica Sports

Tuesday Ten: Debi Davis (Vail 2015)

TTCCS 011315


No one ever said I was tech-savvy. Forgetting the basics of a Hangout On Air, I opened the show…without really opening the show. You’ll see Debi’s beautiful face and my voice to open the show.

Thankfully, Debi Davis is so savvy and smart – she knows to just go with the flow. And, to bring the goods.

Debi joined me on Tuesday, January 6th, to discuss the upcoming World Alpine Ski Championships that will be coming to Vail, Colorado on February 2nd. The event runs from the 2nd through the 15th with an estimated crowd of well over 100,000 expected to descend upon Vail and the surrounding communities. It’s a combination of sports, business and social media on this episode of Tuesday Ten with CadChica Sports.


SHOW HIGHLIGHTS (video below)

  • 01:08 – What is a Social Media Strategist?
  • 02:04 – Where is Eagle, Colorado in relation to Vail where the championships taking place?
  • 02:17 – How is Debi working with local businesses to attract some of the over 100k people that are expected to descend upon Vail, Eagle and the surrounding areas?
  • 03:45 – What social platforms are you using to help businesses connect with fans?
  • 04:51 – Social Media Case Study surrounding the event (in conjunction with the Plus Your Business G+ Community)
  • 06:35 – Understanding leads to embrace (Google+)
  • 07:45 – Focus. Denver Broncos elimination from the playoffs and how it helps the event.
  • 08:54 – The whole world is watching – an event of this magnitude has what kind of effect?
  • 10:53 – Ski Bum Debi. Testing the runs yet?
  • 12:26 – Talking about hashtags!! #Vail2015 #EagleCO
  • 13:08 – Have the athletes embraced the hashtags?
  • 14:02 – Twitter handles and lists
  • 15:03 – Google Doc coming soon!!!
  • 15:59 – CONNECTION

Watch the show below or view on Google+:



Debi turns ideas into action.  The strategies she designs follow a simple three-step model of “frame, focus, and follow through.”

State-of-the-art communication and social media technology are an integral part of all her projects. Her specialties are Google+ Hangouts, communication strategy and project management.

Debi also has a background in ski racing administration. For twelve years she served as Race Administrator and Membership Director for the Rocky Mountain Masters Ski Team.  So it’s no surprise that she is excited about the upcoming FIS World Alpine Championships taking place right in her backyard, in Vail, Colorado.

Debi is combining her love for the sport of ski racing with her formidable project management skills to lead a team of Google advocates who are putting the neighboring mountain town of Eagle, CO on Google Maps.  Debi and her team are ensuring that restaurants, hotels, spas and shops of Eagle are optimized and at the fingertips of 150,000 mobile device carrying fans and spectators during the two-week event.

The project is being documented on Google at +EagleCO Vail2015 and on @SkiMasters on Twitter.




Join me Tuesday, January 20, when my Tuesday Ten guest will be Adam Ledyard, Sports Information Director at East Texas Baptist University. Adam will be the first in a series of guests as part of my media partnership with Q1 Productions and the Sports Fan Engagement Forum

The Sports Fan Engagement Forum is bringing together the best leaders and innovators in sports marketing who are connecting with fans in engaging and creative ways. It’s a unique opportunity to network at #q1SFE15. Sign up for the forum and received $100 off your registration by entering code CADCHICA. Details here.


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Fun at the Rodeo Bowl

One of the funnest college bowl game events to watch, and share, on social media has to be the Rodeo Bowl (#RodeoBowl). The event is hosted by the Texas Bowl. It’s a team vs team event, rodeo style. This year, the Arkansas Razorbacks and Texas Longhorns will face off on the field. But first…in the rodeo arena

ESPN Lets Sports Tell the Story

Tell Me A Story. 

When my kids were little, they would ask me to tell them a story. From a book or one I made up, they wanted to hear a story. In today’s social media world, it’s almost become a marketer’s mantra. 

Tell A Story. 


Marketers talk about telling a story with content. Content they share on social media. As if every single piece of content they share needs to have a story behind it. A story that resonates and stirs fans or customers’ emotions, one that prompts them to take action. (Code word for buy)

Sports tell their own story. The preparation and practices (setting the scene) before the event (action/conflict/climax) followed by the result (conclusion) all unfold right before our eyes in a matter of moments or hours (depending on how fast one reads). Every game or match has their own narrative. There’s no need to add on unnecessarily to what’s already been told. 

In other words, keep it simple, stupid. 


ESPN and college footblal are a marriage made in sports heaven. Each year, ESPN broadcasts hours upon hours of college football. Fans tune in. Winning and losing stirs fans emotions more than any marketer’s story ever could. That’s what was so great about these spots from ESPN.  


The Alabama girl you see in the 2nd video thumbnail above was memorable from that first video. The look on her face after the Auburn fan says, “Alabama’s going down”, was priceless. So of course her saying Told Ya! in the second video was in order. It was the culmination to the college football season’s story. 

Nothing fancy. Nothing extravagant. Simple and to the point.

It told the story. And it was perfect.

A perfectly simple story.


CadChica Sports 

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