Mixing Business with Sports Pleasure

THE NCAA’s CORE PURPOSE IS TO govern competition in a fair, safe, equitable and sportsmanlike manner, and to integrate intercollegiate athletics into higher education so that the educational experience of the student-athlete is paramount.

I came across a tweet today about college sports. Loving college sports as I do, I took a keen interest in it.

SportsBizMiss is actually an Atlanta-based lawyer named Kristi Dosh. Building on her passion for baseball, she has written books and articles combining sports with business. She has recently started a new website sure to add fuel to the controversial fire that is the NCAA. It’s called Business of College Sports. From what I’ve seen so far, it provides great information on the whole business of college sports. And believe me, it is BIG BUSINESS.

Yes, there’s well-known CNBC (and former ESPN) reporter Darren Rovell on Twitter but, if you’re looking for more information on just the college sports business, Ms. Dosh is probably one to watch. Being in the Northwest, I had not heard of her before, being as she is Atlanta-based. She seems to know her stuff. Of course, the place I found her? Twitter!

Amazing the information you can find because of Twitter.

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Misery Loves Company-NBA Style (unedited)

Dear Sacramento,

It has recently come to my attention that there has been a loss in your family. On behalf of Washingtonians, please accept our deepest sympathies. We understand that it is a difficult time. Grief, while a normal emotion, is almost not enough to explain the pain you may be feeling. We hope you can find comfort in this information:


Not only did Seattle lose an NBA team to that “awesome sports-mecca” Oklahoma City, but it is also known as the most miserable sports city. Grief + misery = unspeakable sports sorrow. The depths that Seattle is in with regard to sports is only exacerbated by the futility of the Seattle Mariners. Yes, Seattle’s own Mariners probably gave new definition to the word futility with offensive numbers that were just that offensive. Let’s see that means: grief, misery, futility. And we haven’t even discussed the Seahawks. Oh yes, they made the playoffs this past season but with a sub.500 record only brought out anger in NFL purists who could not bear to see a losing team in the playoffs. Granted the ‘hawks beat the defending champs New Orleans Saints, but that only angered the masses more.

Grief, misery, futility, anger. According to the rest of the sports county, that is Seattle. Here is hoping you won’t endure the ridicule that Seattlites have. Why even today, not only were you put on notice with the NBA, but a dagger through Seattlites’ hearts was plunged as well.

Emperor David Stern humiliated not only you but Seattle as well with his twisted sense of humor by putting Clay Bennett in charge of the NBA’s relocation committee. Now the only reason to have a relocation committee at this point in time is because of your Sacramento Kings’ owners. It’s common knowledge that they desire to move to Anaheim. Hmm. If I were an emperor, who would I put in charge of a committee about that? Of course, the man who just lied and finagled “allegedly”, the Seattle Supersonics away from the city of Seattle and took them to Oklahoma City. Yes, put that man in charge of relocation because he is so good at it. He can help The Maloofs double-talk their way into either a new arena or moving the team. Either way, it’s a win-win for the NBA. And Clay Bennett gets another feather in that black hat of his. Conflict of interest? Not in the Emperor’s New NBA world.

David Stern doesn’t care about you Sacramento. That’s what a commissioner is supposed to do; not care about the cities. His only job is to care about his owners. He can say that he cares about the league and maybe in some twisted way, he does. But he “reports” to the owners and if The Maloofs aren’t happy in Sacramento then it’s time to move them somewhere else. He can double-talk all he wants about “working with” your fine city Sacramento, but after everyone saw his sorry performance with the Seattle situation, nobody believes him.

Sacramento, we understand. We will be a shoulder for you to cry on. It will blend right in with the Seattle rain, even though it’s not even on the top 10 list of wettest cities in the United States. That’s what everyone thinks: Rain + Seattle = Misery.

Take stock of the memories Sacramento. They were great times weren’t they? Those times will help you with the grief process. Remember and hold on to those victories. For time is short with Cowboy Bennett at the helm. The execution is at hand. Link arms with one another for the vultures are circling. Seattle can help you through this. Seattle can let you know what to expect (i.e. ignorance personified in okc — which has since been retracted). Seattle feels your pain Sacramento. Seattle understands. Believe me, we’re in the early stages of a sorry Mariners season already, SEATTLE UNDERSTANDS.

Hold your head high Sacramento. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Do not be swindled by the Swindle Brothers, David & Clay. If they want to take their ball and go home, let them. Let them go to Anaheim. Let them compete with the Lakers and the Griffins, er I mean the Clippers. Let them go. But come NBA time, post-lockout/workstoppage, give us a call. Seattle is here for you.

Unless of course, Cowboy Bennett and Emperor Stern decide to make amends and move your team to Seattle. Then it’s don’t call us we’ll call you. But we all know that will never happen…even though the emperor said it would….but never believe a commissioner that is slicker than a baby’s freshly-oiled bottom.

Our deepest sympathy,

Your friends in the Northwest

(aka CadChica Sports)

Not Baseball Again?


We had a Cuonzo Martin sighting today on Twitter. Two new tweets today from the Tennessee coach. He is now at 4422 followers. And in case anyone cares, Rory McIlroy is up to 241,179. Wow!

Baseball? Eh?

If you’ve read my blog before, here is a question. Remember this tweet?

So, I was a little off. The Sox didn’t sweep. And they haven’t exactly set the world on fire since then. Currently, they’re sitting at the bottom of the AL East with their whopping 2 wins. 11 games into the season, it’s definitely not time to panic yet. Besides, the Boston Bruins start the NHL playoffs tonight right? What could go wrong?

Oh Canada! Granted the Bruins did not play well but goalie Carey Price for Montreal dominated this game. ESPN shows Barry Melrose “blaming” the Red Sox for the loss. How much lower can you go Boston? Wait, the Celtics begin their playoff push soon too. Can’t wait to see how this turns out!

So, I’m not the Amazing Kreskin when it comes to Twitter predictions. What’s a gal to do when her favorite sport is over? College basketball is done. In no way, shape or form am I an NBA fan (don’t ask). Playoff hockey is great to watch but, living in a home without cable, et al, it’s not easy to watch.

Bostonians have their Sox and here in the Northwest, we have………wait for it………the Mariners. Oh those guys are just so much fun to watch. NOT! With Dave Niehaus having passed away this off-season, they’re not much worth listening to on the radio either. How bad is it?

The season is still young but there is one more thing the Mariners can hang their hat on. They have doubled the win total of the Boston Red Sox!!! Ahhhh. I will enjoy it while I can.

*Man this is going to be a long summer.*Cue the soccer channel?*

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The Day in Tworts

After recuperating somewhat from my long day yesterday, I have caught up on some of the tweets tonight that intrigued me. But first, one story from yesterday that I would be remiss not to mention this video

Arizona State Re-brands Itself

Let me preface this by saying, I grew up going to ASU football games. Absolutely loved it. I still follow them to this day. When I first heard the rumblings of this, I wasn’t so sure. But after seeing those new unis, especially the black ones, I say SWEEEEEEET. As you can see below, I’m not the only one.

Meanwhile, the NFL lockout continues. And NFL players continue to get in trouble. *sigh*

In baseball, to headfirst slide or not to headfirst slide, that is the question. Or is it, throw the coach under the bus or don’t throw the coach under the bus?

Kobe Bryant fined $100,000 for gay slur in last night’s game. Reason why he was fined is because it was caught on tape. I would not be surprised if that type of talk goes on when cameras aren’t rolling. Twitter was on a roll with this one today. You’ll have to do a search on Twitter yourself as I do not want to promote any particular non-media individual with this story.

Some fans in Arizona might call it sacrilege but since I led off with an ASU story, I need to finish it with a UA story, albeit a sad one. Prefacing this one also, I grew up “watching” UA basketball so I’ve been a fan for a long, long time. Earlier today:

Good luck to you Derrick Williams. It was a pleasure watching you. Continue that long line of outstanding UA players that do well in the NBA. You will be missed. Bear Down!!


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Basketball Can Wait

Occasionally, as a busy mom, there will be days like this. Up working at 5am; off work at 2:30 only to get dressed, go to the bank, pick up the youngest son, then the grandkids and drive another 20 minutes to go to a track meet. Stay at the track meet for about an hour and a half (grandkids don’t last that long), pick something up at the sister-in-law’s house, come home, cook dinner, play with the grandkids, read devotions with the youngest son and before you know it it’s 9:00pm. Whew!! I’m tired just typing all of that.

That being said, this is one of those days where I need to dip into my journaling and find a story to post here. Ideally, I’d like to post something sports-worthy Monday-Saturday. As you can see by the above, I didn’t have much time to dip into the sports (tworts) world today. I originally typed the story below in February 2010. Yes, it’s a year old but maybe it will touch a heart, or a nerve, of someone who reads it.

Basketball Can Wait

Owies come. Owies go. There are BIG owies (full blown, cover your ear cries). And there are little owies (sniff, sniff). Such is the life of living with children. Thursday, however, was slightly different.

Nice & comfy in my chair, in front of our computer, watching basketball is where I relaxed on Thursday night. I love college basketball. It is my favorite sport; far ahead of soccer/futbol, college football, NFL, MLB. Being a fan though is kind of tough when you don’t have cable or dish to watch your teams. Thankfully, our internet provider, in association with ESPN, offers ESPN 360. On ESPN 360, you can watch “almost” anything they air on their myriad of stations. I can watch sports all of the time; work & children permitting of course. So, that night, I was watching one of our local teams on ESPN 360.

James & Gage were playing games downstairs while Aaron watched basketball with me. I must admit that not only was I watching the game, I was following another game’s updates on Twitter (yes, I’m a Twitaddict). Multi-tasking is a prerequisite for a mom’s job I think and so I’ve become pretty good at it. Usually!!!

The game playing finished downstairs so Gage headed upstairs for  bath night. As I was focused on the basketball game(s), Gage got his bath ready (he’s old enough to do that himself). Again, FOCUS=BASKETBALL. And then Gage says: “Mom, my head hurts.”. Three-quarters focused on basketball still, I said: “Go ahead & get in your bath and I’m sure the warm water will help.”. Not my best motherly advice I know. But, Gage has been known “in the past” to dramatize a hangnail, so I know better than to follow his first action. Nevertheless, not my best motherly advice.

Basketball continued while Gage finished his bath. He got dressed in his pj’s in his room and then comes down the hallway to where I am. HUGE watery eyes looking at me, he says: “It still hurts Mom.”. Mama instincts kick in. I pulled him up onto my lap ’cause it’s time for Mama loves. Basketball takes a backseat & I take care of my baby. I held him. I loved him. Then we went and got some medicine for this really BIG owie. Afterward we went and lay down in his bed. I stroked his face and loved on him. I sang songs over him; songs of praise to God. Daddy came upstairs and we prayed over Him. I lay there a little while longer, thanking God for Gage’s healing (by His stripes, Gage is healed). Although he complained about feeling yucky in his tummy, he quickly fell asleep.

I missed most of the rest of the game. And that’s okay. When the “owies” come, basketball can wait.

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No Masters Over Me

Hello. My name is CadChica (aka Sunny) and I hate golf.

There I said it. That is my first step to golf-haters anonymous right? Except I don’t want to recover. I want to continue in my distaste for a boring sport to watch. No, I’ve never played it. Don’t try to tell me that I’ll like it once I’ve played it. That is an incorrect statement. I don’t need to play in the NFL (quit laughing) to know that I like it. I just like it. I know what I like and I know what I don’t.

So, imaging my challenge in trying to write a sports and Twitter blog when the biggest even going on is The Masters, golf’s equivalent of the Super Bowl. Okay maybe that’s a stretch for football fans but you get me drift. Anyway, as a non-golf fan, following Twitter yesterday was pretty much a live play-by-play of “a tradition unlike any other”. Believe me, if the Mariners were even halfway decent, I would have isolated my list to just them but they’re not, so I was stuck with The Masters.

I know who won (Charl Schwarzel). I know who made a charge (Tiger Woods). I know the agony so many sports media types felt for the 3 round leader (Rory McIlroy). I got it. And although some of them just made me want to throw up over their Tiger-fawning, I tried to deal with it the best I could. Thankfully, there was a distraction for me: grandkids. So while many in the sports-media were going gaga over Tiger’s front 9, I made lunch and then cookies with my grandkids.

Now I know that’s not exactly sports-blogging material but hey, part of the “recovery process” is to getting rid of shortcomings right? My shortcoming is that I’m addicted to Twitter and sports. What better way to “overcome” my addiction than to not live and breathe both of them on a day that wasn’t meant for me. ((Yes, I’m joking there. In no way is that statement meant to offend or belittle anyone going through the alcohol recovery process.))

Since today is Monday, and I didn’t blog on Sunday (my personal day of “rest”), here are the Twitter follower updates; first number is from this morning with the second number as of a few minutes ago.

Rory McIlroy – @McIlroyRory = 219,362 / 228,886

Geoff Ogilvy – @geoffogilvy  = 38,034 / 38,438

Rickie Fowler – @RickieFowlerPGA = 104,392 / 105,205

Tiger Woods – @TigerWoods = 750,484 / 754,611

As you can see, Rory’s follower numbers grew quite a bit since this morning; over 9000. Tiger’s grew by 4000 with Rickie Fowler and Geoff Ogilvy picking up a few themselves. None of these men won. So, where is the winner you might ask??? Well, he’s NOT ON TWITTER. So, he gets the infamous DNT (does not tweet). Being The Masters winner and given how much Rory and Tiger grew followers without winning, can you imagine how many followers he would have gained yesterday and today? Who is his agent? Where is his marketing company? Missing an opportunity to grow his name, don’t you think?

Alas, my golf time is now done. Thank goodness. And I can resume normal Tworts reading like this one:

That’s Vince Grippi from The Spokesman-Review tweeting about the Washington State Cougars uniform unveiling “show”. What couch-potato athlete wouldn’t  agree with that one?

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Master Follow (part 3) +++


 We are entering the home stretch at The Masters. Quite a change in the leaderboard which means less people to track on Twitter. Below are just a few from yesterday’s list.

Rory McIlroy – @McIlroyRory = 182,872 /189,127

Y.E. Yang – @Y_E_Yang = 18,315 / 18,528

Geoff Ogilvy – @geoffogilvey = 35,111 / 35,439

Rickie Fowler – @RickieFowlerPGA = 100,248 / 102,125

Tiger Woods – @TigerWoods = 731,981 / 737,373

Rory McIlroy continued his gains on the course as well as the follower count. However, he didn’t quite gain as many followers as Tiger Woods. Somehow though I think if Rory puts the green jacket on tomorrow evening, I don’t think he’ll care if anyone else gains more followers than him. If he wins, the followers will take care of themselves.

Only one other thing to mention tonight folks. Special thanks to Washington State basketball coach Ken Bone for this one. It was in reply to one of his players’ tweets (Mike Ladd).

I may live in Cougar country but that is too funny to pass up.

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