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My 2016 Sports Year In Review: Thoughts & Thanks

2016 Sports Year In Review Every year about this time, I write my year in review post. It’s filled with reflections, thoughts, predictions and my thanks. Usually, the predictions are doomed to fail. The reflections and thoughts are based on observation with what I hope is a discerning eye and open mind.  2016 was a …
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Race In America: A Conversation in Shades

Picture This THE SCENE: Me, a mom of three biracial kids, sitting on the porch talking with my three biracial/multiracial grandkids talking about race in America. *** Hey kids. Would you mind coming over here for a minute? No, no. You’re not in trouble. I wanna talk to you about something. It’s something that has …
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Social Media: Reflection of Society

He isn’t the most coordinated kid in his class. Nor is he the most athletic. But, what he lacks in physical skills, he makes up for in enthusiasm and effort. For some, however, that isn’t good enough. Winning means power. Winning means status. Winning means…acceptance. Interested in my #smsports & #smsportschat friends' take on this …
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