Tuesday Ten: Paola Boivin

If you’re going to be a successful journalist, you have to keep up with it (social media) and embrace it. – Paola Boivin



Twitter can bring people together who would never have a chance to connect otherwise. Google+ Hangouts takes that connection to another level.

On last night’s Tuesday Ten episode I had the privilege of talking with Paola Boivin of The Arizona Republic. Paola is an award-winning sports columnist and someone I have admired for a while. With our Arizona connection, our conversation did have a bit of Phoenix flavor to it. But, we also delved into the growth, and challenges, for female journalists, her favorite stories/moments and the role social media (Twitter) plays in today’s world of sports.

Since the show is called “Tuesday Ten“, I try to keep it at a 10-minute chat. However, sometimes the chats are so good that 10 minutes is insufficient. Paola definitely required more than 10. Breakdown of our conversation in the video below:

  • 1:23 – Introduction to Paola
  • 2:40 – Growth of sports (professional) in Arizona, most interesting story line
  • 6:00 – Paola’s favorite and most challenging sport to cover
  • 7:15 – (audience question) Favorite piece Paola’s written and her most memorable story
  • 10:19 – Reward of covering the more personal stories
  • 11:33 – Rise of female sports journalists (acceptance, challenges, areas still needing growth)
  • 14:07 – Association of Women in Sports Media (AWSM)
  • 16:12 – Embracing social media (Twitter) in today’s sports world
  • 18:24 – How Twitter has changed the fan/media dynamic
  • 21:21 – Phoenix Suns surprising season
  • 22:28 – Arizona Wildcats in the tournament
  • 23:49 – Connect with Paola


My thanks to Paola Boivin for joining me on the show. Connect with Paola on Twitter or find her latest pieces for The Arizona Republic here.

Spring Break in the Pacific Northwest next week, so there will be no show on April 1. No, that’s not an April Fool’s joke. It will return on April 8th when my guest will be Derrick “Don’t call me Darnell” Docket, Assistant Commissioner of New Media for the Missouri Valley Conference.


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