Tuesday Ten: Josh Decker (Tagboard)

Tuesday Ten 7-8-14
Tuesday Ten is a quick 10-minute chat with leaders and up-and-comers in the world of sports in: media/broadcasting, business/marketing, social media and more. On this episode of Tuesday Ten, I was joined by Josh Decker, CEO/Founder of Tagboard.

WIStateFair on Tagboard

What is Tagboard? “Tagboard is a software platform that uses the hashtag to aggregate social media for end-users, brands, agencies and marketers, displaying content from multiple networks in a comprehensive and engaging visual format. “

Now, normally, the show — since it’s called Tuesday Ten — last just 10 short minutes. But, there are times when questions need to be asked and topics require discussion. I wanted to make sure Josh was able to highlight all the different positive aspects of Tagboard, but I also had one more important question to ask at the end. If there was one overriding theme to our discussion, you’ll get a sense of where my Tuesday Ten show might be headed in the future. 


  • 0:46 – Quick intro (bio) from Josh Decker
  • 2:04 – Businesses, teams & leagues Tagboard works with
  • 5:41 – How Tagboard works (screen shots included) and the impact in real-time connection with fans and customers
  • 8:26 – Other examples of utilizing hashtags beyond sports
  • 9:39 – Hashtags bring the fans into the conversation…even on a team that’s losing (signal-to-noise ratio)
  • 11:46 – Audience comments (question) How does the monitoring of comments work within Tagboard
  • 12:56 – It’s all in how you use it within your social media strategy
  • 13:51 – Audience question Using user-generated-content (UGC) to go beyond the #’s with respect to fan/customer engagement or connection
  • 17:47 – Fun sports discussion
  • 19:50 – Giving back…Community
  • 20:33 – Working with non-profits, states Civic Value
  • 21:36 – Unique ways people have used hashtags on Tagboard 
  • 21:50 – Power of the hashtag (utilizing Tagboard) to mobilize for a cause
  • 23:34 – Connecting with Josh and Tagboard


Connect with Josh and Tagboard:



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