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Tuesday Ten is a quick 10-minute chat with leaders and up-and-comers in the world of sports in: media/broadcasting, business/marketing, social media and more. Today I was joined by Lauren Teague, Social Media Manager of the PGA Tour. 


“I am a young professional in Jacksonville, Florida, well versed in social media and fostering relationships between brands, athletes and fans on- and offline. I joined the PGA TOUR in 2008 as the first in a dedicated role for social media, and have fostered the network of social media channels from their infancy, including branded presences on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+ and more. I also consult with PGA TOUR players & agents, partners and tournaments to get them active and productive in creating one-to-one relationships using social media tools.

I came across Lauren on Twitter during a social media conference she was speaking at. Seeing her and the PGA Tour was the next step in recognizing what the tour was doing on social media. Google Hangouts were a part of their strategy so I knew Lauren was someone I needed to have on the show. Lauren has a strong grasp of social media and what the PGA Tour strategy is. She also is well aware of the social media landscape and how it applies to their audience. I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s that Northern Arizona education…and her Pacific Northwest roots. 


Lauren is one of the bright stars in the world of sports and social media. She is smart, knowledgeable and she just gets it. Don’t believe me? Listen to the show. 


  • 1:42 — What led the PGA Tour to start using Google+. Utilizing Hangouts On Air 
  • 4:48 — Community for PGA fans on Google+; a new venture. 
  • 6:30 — So many choices. How the PGA Tour goes about choosing a social media platform for their strategy. Making our fans better fans
  • 8:43 — The PGA Tour Social Media Hub (see below)

PGA Tour Social Hub

  • 10:28 — Volunteers and Community
  • 11:33 — Giving back. Important for both Lauren and the PGA Tour. (Link mentioned during the show)

My thanks to Lauren for taking the time to join the show. 



With Lauren 

With the PGA Tour


On the next Tuesday Ten Show, I’ll be joined by Mike Freeman, NFL Lead Writer for Bleacher Report. Freeman is also an author who recently worked with the family of Roberto Clemente to write the book “Clemente“. Join me at the same “Chica-location” on Google+ on July 22 at 5pm PT/8pm ET.


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