Tuesday Ten: Heels and Jobbers

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Tuesday Ten is a quick, 10-minute chat with leaders & up-and-comers in the world of sports in: media/broadcasting, business/marketing, social media & more. On Tuesday, July 22, it was umm…a…uhh…groundbreaking (?)…episode for CadChica Sports. 

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When you need help in a pinch, you call on your friends, right? Well, that’s what I did when I found myself needing a guest for this episode of Tuesday Ten. My previously scheduled guest, Mike Freeman from Bleacher Report, had to reschedule due to other work-related engagements. He’ll join me on July 29th instead. But, I needed a guest.

Or two. 

Or three. 

That’s right. I called upon three of my friends to help me out. And, since they willingly agreed, I agreed to discuss a subject near and dear to their hearts: WWE! Tariq Ahmad, Derrick Docket and Jimmy Sanderson know their wrestling. And, they (sort of) taught be few things about the “sport”. There may have been a heel turn or two. Or, someone may have been declared a jobber. Whatever it was, it was an episode not to be missed.  

SHOW HIGHLIGHTS (or lowlights)

>>> Psst…skip my intro in the beginning. Trust me. It’s better that way. <<<
  • 0:57 — Guest intro
  • 2:55 — Derrick’s question: Best wrestling stables
  • 6:13 — Mishap #1: We lost Tariq! and a continuation of the stables discussion
  • 7:39 — The perception, or misperception of being a “wrestling” fan: experience growing up and/or still present today
  • 9:12 — Derrick brings up a great point about the athleticism of wrestlers (cruiserweight division)
  • 12:40 — Derrick living in the past with the WWE Network. 
  • 13:37 — Audience question from Scott Scowcroft: Popularity in the U.S. and around the world. 
  • 15:18 — HEY, it’s a Tariq sighting and he mentions the popularity of the WWE in Mexico, Japan and England. 
  • 16:30 — Mishap #2: I failed to mention the question which was Best Bad Guy (Heel) of all-time
  • 19:37 — Audience comment and question from Travis Bell: Travis used to wrestle against some of the “old guys” in college. Q: will athleticism continue in WWE?
  • 21:05 — Thanks to Anwar Adnan for watching from the Middle East.
  • 21:27 — Mishap #3: Did we lose Tariq again?
  • 22:01 — CONNECT WITH US!!! 
  • 23:07 — Audience comment #2 from Travis Bell: Best heel should be Great Mephisto
  • 24:07 — Next week’s guest



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On the next Tuesday Ten Show, I’ll be joined by Mike Freeman, NFL Lead Writer for Bleacher Report. Freeman is also an author who recently worked with the family of Roberto Clemente to write the book “Clemente“. Join me at the same “Chica-location” on Google+ on July 29 at 5pm PT/8pm ET.


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