Hall of Fame Diary: Day 1

Author’s Note: Sunny Cadwallader is traveling to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. She will be logging her experiences, from a media and fan perspective along the way here. 


We’re not in the Pacific Northwest anymore. 


No…I’m definitely not. 

After a long day of travel, I finally made it to LeBron James country. And to Hall of Fame City. 


The day almost didn’t get started. Up before 4am, I had plenty of time to get ready. I was already packed and ready to go. Or, at least I thought I was packed. That early in the morning, it doesn’t take long to get to the airport. So, I took my time getting ready. Added a few things to my luggage. And, headed for the airport. 

Ever have that moment when you NEED to get somewhere and every…single…light…turns…RED!!????

That was the beginning of my travel day. Only 40 minutes before my flight was to leave, I arrived at the airport. 5 minutes to unload and get to the check-in desk. 10 minutes to check-in. 15 minutes of waiting in security. 

WHEW!!! I made it. 

The adventure to Canton began…

in the clouds

with a window seat. 

I used to love window seats. For as much as I love viewing scenery, the appeal of the window seat no longer holds me. Being able to stretch out in the aisle has much more appeal to me. That, and, getting off the plane right away. 


The adventure began with a window seat next to a lovely, older couple on their way to visit family in Washington D.C. As they moved on to their gate after landing, I stayed in Denver for a short layover. I found what looked like a decent place to eat lunch. Before ten in the morning (Denver time), I had lunch. 

I didn’t have to wait long, but it was funny to watch the host of the airport restaurant. Two guests in front of me, there was a young, blonde woman in a cute dress. The hosts eyes (young guy) lit up when he saw her. He couldn’t wipe the smile off of his face. As he chatted away with her, walking her to her seat, I wondered how long it would take for him to return to seat the rest of us. As the minutes passed, the couple in front of me were getting anxious. Fortunate for all of us, another host came to save the day. This host seated the couple in front of me and so I was left wondering how long Mr. Enamored Host would take to return.

Thankfully, not long. But, the smile was gone. 

Alas, I am not a young blonde. But, I got a table. And promptly asked for a better table. Which I got. (Never hurts to ask, kids.)

At the end of my layover, it was time to hop on the next plane. Finding an aisle seat in the second row, it was a SCORE!!! It didn’t matter that I was next to two kids flying alone. Some might balk at that, but I felt the mothering instinct kick in. No need for it, however. the young girl in the middle seat was an old pro at flying. Every few weeks, she’s on a plane between family. She still does her school work, but she travels more on a plane in a year than I probably have in my lifetime. 

But, oh, was she chatty. The young boy? Not so much. Until we landed in Chicago. 

The young girl departed in Chicago while the young boy and I remained for the final leg to Cleveland. We were joined by “golfing guy”. Golfing guy was a talker who had some great conversations with the young boy. Boy oh boy…young boy was chatty after that. 

Finally, the Day 1 adventure that began at 3:45am was over. I met with my partner, Russell S Baxter and the next phase of our Hall of Fame adventure was underway. 

I have high expectations for the weekend. Here’s hoping it lives up to them.


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