Hall of Fame Diary: Day 4

Today, was fan day.

No, not any special type of fan event. Today, had nothing to do with being media. It was all about just being a fan. 

Correction. There was some media work involved which you can read about at The Sporting Nation. Aside from that, it was all about the experience. Soaking it in began quickly:


Players adorned both walls as you enter the museum itself to the left. A who’s who greeting you hello. Hello, Jerry. Hello, Reggie. Hey, how you doin’ L.T. and Anthony? 

Alright, so maybe that’s just a me thing having a conversation in my head…with a wall…of players. (enter smiley face emoticon here)


Be the ball. 

Gold star if you know that line. That’s the first thing that popped into my head as I look at this picture again. The ball of today…so vastly different than the one from the old days, eh? 



Read any “Greatest Athletes” list and you’re sure to find the name of Jim Thorpe on there. Here he is bigger than life:

IMG_2120 IMG_2122








Game changer. As much as I may overuse the term, it applies here:



There were other #32’s. Then there was Jim Brown:





I think this would have made a great dress on me. Not that I would ever do that, but that was my first thought when I saw how big this jersey was.



He wanted me to take a picture with him, but I didn’t want to break the camera.



If you like history, this display is for you. It has yearly record for every team, including defunct teams or those under different names. 




Pro football as we know it today would never be what it is without technology:



Found this guy too. He didn’t ask to take a picture with me. Whew!



40 points in one game. Not in basketball. In football. By Ernie Nevers. 



One of my favorite displays to see? Mayyyyyyyybeeeeeee. 



Walter Payton may be right there too on the favorites.



These next two pictures belong together. If you haven’t heard the name Tom Fears, click here. 

IMG_2202 IMG_2204


The gold jackets are BIG!



On Pro Football HOF Weekend, the wait to see the busts is long. But, it was well worth it.




Anything to do with the Raiders, well, you know the drill with me:



In this edition of How to take a bad display picture… (still, it is Oakland)



Those who know me know that I hate having my picture taken. Bonus. I’ll edit for a better picture later.



As my friend Russ said, “Only place you’ll ever see this display.”


What a terrific time in Canton. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. One that I won’t soon forget. If you get a chance to go, DO IT!

Lots of pictures to sort through when I get home. I’ll add more later. Until next time…


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