Open Minded

Are you open-minded? 

Take your time on that answer. I’ll wait. 


Who is in your sphere of influence ( in real life or online)? Are you surrounded by “yes-men”? Or, do you include those who you have philosophical differences with?

These types of questions ran through my mind when I read tweets like those from John Walters above. Retweets may not equal endorsements in my book, but he is spot on in his assessment. Michelle Beadle was called a “hero” by some. Admirers sang her praises for standing up to Stephen A Smith’s misguided words. 

Problem is, many of those same people hate Stephen A Smith. They blast him and the shows he appears on at every turn. Hate the attention he gets. Hate the platform he has on ESPN. Hate that he can say whatever he wants, whenever he wants. 

Guess what? He can. And, Smith does have some points to make that are worth listening to.

And, guess what? Beadle can too. And, Beadle does come across as somewhat hypocritical in her tweets.

But, is anyone paying attention?

Only if you’re open-minded.


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Posted by Sunny Cadwallader

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