CBS Sports: It Is Time

The headline read:

CBS Sports to Make TV History with All Female Sports Talk Show This Fall   The Big Lead


An all-female sports talk show? YES!

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, I’m not a female sports fan. I’m not a champion of all things women’s sports. I’m just a sports fan. Period.

For years, the sports media industry has relegated female sports journalists to very specific roles. Sideline reporter is number one on that list. If you’re a pretty blonde and you work in sports, there’s a good chance you’ll land a job as a sideline reporter somewhere in this country. Sure, there are female sports anchors, but how many are there to actually “discuss” sports? There simply isn’t enough time on a sportscast to hear an anchor’s opinion.

Then along came that story above from The Big Lead. The premise of it is exciting. A show with an all-female panel that is just talking sports? Not women’s sports – just sports! Terrific news, right? Well, I thought so initially. Heck, I’d want to be on that.  

Then, I started reading some tweets from folks who know the business far better than me. 



Stepping stone or network gimmick?

I would hope a stepping stone and beyond. For women like me, we want to talk about sports. Not just women’s sports either. I want to talk about college football or basketball. Whether it’s on Twitter or more so on Google+, talking about sports is fun and insightful to me. Call me crazy, but this thing called dialogue…well, I like that! 

And that’s part of my hope for this new show from CBS. I’ve been trying to do something along those lines on Google+ with my show Tuesday Ten. Showing that a woman can talk about sports, in my case sports-social media, beyond the reasons of looks alone. Not saying I’m a beauty or anything like that — but it’s about being on camera for who you are on the inside too. Having someone of Amy Trask’s stature on that show (per The Big Lead), that’s saying something to me. That’s telling me that CBS knows there needs to be a platform to feature someone like Trask or Lesley Visser.

Maybe it’s a naive way to look at things, but that’s my hope. That this won’t be a gimmick by CBS Sports. Steve Lepore is right in his tweets above that sports media needs a change from within. More women decision-makers or, at the very least, less of an all-boys club. More people who are willing to think outside the box. For now though, the show needs to be an investment – a long-term investment in women who love talking about sports. 

It is time. 


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