“Big-Time” College Football is Back

We have to make a distinction.

College football started last Saturday when Eastern Washington hosted Sam Houston State in Cheney, WA. It’s Division I football, I-AA, but it’s still college football. So when your friends tell you college football started Thursday night, that is…WRONG.

Perusing Twitter on Thursday, I saw several college writers make a distinction which I (reluctantly) agree with: “big-time” college football starts tonight (Thursday).

As much as I dislike that phrase, it fits. FBS or Division I-A football is the big boy level of college football. It’s where the money flows and flows and…

It all got started with


Dad as in Brent Musburger:

Twitter   Search   brent


When you think “big-time” college football, you have to think Brent Musburger. Long the voice of ABC/ESPN, Brent  is now calling games on the SEC Network. Big-time announcer calling big-time college football is a marriage made in SEC heaven.

Down 31-14 at the half, South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier wasn’t just pic-worthy, he was tweet-worthy too:

Games aren’t won with off-season talking points. And, they’re not won with excitement and enthusiasm, unfortunately:

Getting back to South Carolina – way to improve a quarterback’s Heisman odds, Gamecocks:


A Very Social Night of CFB

Lest anyone thinks it was only a Gamecock-Aggie type of night – oh those horrible yellow things:

Good thing spelling doesn’t count against you Wake Forest:

Fan wardrobe is, well, in early season form:


As is the pooch-punt…or whatever this is called:


You know it’s college football season when CAPS LOCK returns from The Key Play:

Football is a hitting game. But, perhaps not like this:

I’m not sure what to make of this – you? It just doesn’t compute:

Had to be the helmets, right?


In All Their Vandy-ness

The dawn of the college football season also means new uniforms:

Much to the delight of Commodore fans, the weather delayed the game just, long, enough…

Wait, what???

Smarts. Efficient. Favorites?





Thank goodness for tradition. Even new ones:

There were other not-necessarily-big-time games:

Arizona State with a nice job on timeliness of post-scoring graphics

Sticking in the Pac-12, when your team plays a “home” game on the other side of the state, you do what you gotta do:

Who doesn’t love overtime (excluding coaches)?

Maybe the Tulane Green Wave are part of that group tonight:


But seriously, folks. Tonight was all about one team. Not one conference. One team. 

Speaking of Manziel, maybe it wasn’t just him after all:



NOTE: Although I live on the West Coast, it’s 10:25pm when I’m completing this post. WSU-Rutgers and Vandy-Temple are still playing. That 4:45am alarm goes off mighty early. So, if I missed something good socially, you’ll know why.

UPDATEDThanks to Caleb Mezzy for pointing out the #WeTheT hashtag on this morning-after — congrats to Temple on their late-night win over Vanderbilt last night

Temple University Athletics shared Temple...   Temple University Athletics

I love a hashtag that prompts an emotion in me. Much like Baylor’s Coach Art Briles’ #BeTheStandard, this one from Temple means something. It’s been oft-used, but it makes you ask the question, “How can I do that?”. 

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