The No-Name College Football Show

NFL season opener. Arizona Wildcat football. US Open tennis. Seattle Mariner baseball. 

All available for my viewing pleasure last night. What did I do? 

I turned my back on all of them.

For 45 minutes. 

The horror, I know. But, I had something more important to do.  I had to talk college football. 


And talk I did with friend, Nick Paulenich. Nick is someone I met through my partnership with Russ Baxter of Pro Football Guru. Nick was our draft expert. He knows his stuff when it comes to college football and the top players heading toward the NFL Draft. Nick writes for Russ, but he also writes on Fansided’s Scarlet and Game, a site devoted to coverage of Ohio State football.

I didn’t mean for it to go as long as it did, but with all of the story lines from week 1 and the upcoming big games in week 2 (I’m looking at you Oregon-Michigan State), we kept going for nearly 45 minutes. Big Ten, Pac 12, surprises and expectations all were a part of the conversation. 

Plus, our sleeper games of the week. Listen below or download the podcast on iTunes here.

My thanks to Nick for helping me satisfy the need to talk college football. 


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Posted by Sunny Cadwallader

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