NBA Media Day 2014

NBA Media Day

Bouncing balls. Sweat-filled arenas. 

Yup, the NBA is back. 

Media Day or, in the case of the Golden State Warriors – Tweedia Day, took place yesterday for most teams in the NBA. A select few had their media days last week. But, yesterday was a whirlwind of activity for many teams on their respective social media channels.



Account takeovers and social media are a perfect match for teams trying to connect their players with fans. It’s a simple way for fans to ask questions and athletes to answer them when Twitter is used. Several teams utilized this during their media day coverage. 

What I love about takeovers is that despite the somewhat controlled-atmosphere (i.e. players control what questions they answer), you just never know what you’ll get.

The Indiana Pacers took a different twist on the takeover aspect. They let players “take over” their Instagram account.



I am a big fan of Twitter Takeovers. Why? Because it’s exactly what fans want – access. It may not be full-fledged access like seeing an athlete in person or through a Google+ Hangout, but it is still a connection-tool between athletes and fans. As you can see above, there were many teams that utilized them during their media day. But, I also liked what the Milwaukee Bucks did with a Reddit AMA:

Milwaukee Bucks 2014 Media Day AMA    12 30pm CT  1 30pm ET    nba

Double-digit Bucks participants and over 290 comments with questions ranging from “best part of Milwaukee’ to ‘best Giannis story’ to the ever-popular Chipotle question:

Chipotle question





#DunksAfterDark: “Midnight Madness” NBA-style, as this article points out. The Minnesota Timberwolves went to a college campus to kick off their media in a fun way. 12:01 am the jamming began giving fans a first-hand look at the team before the season. 



When I began investing time on Google+, I looked at how various teams were using the platform. Many posts were duplicates of other social networks. One, like this post below, is a duplicate from Twitter. Standard practice for the Memphis Grizzlies. 

RT  MemphisKingJoey  The stage is set in the  memgrizz Blue Room  GrizzMediaDay…Missing the point. And, it was a missed opportunity for all of the teams. Yes, it’s media day. But, why not bring fans more into the festivities with a Google+ Hangout? Select a few season ticket holders to do a Hangout with one or two players. Screen their questions ahead of time if necessary, but use the platform to its fullest extent. The NBA itself did short Hangouts after the NBA Draft and the looks on fans’ faces when they got to meet Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker was priceless. You can’t get that interaction through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine or Snapchat.

On Google+, you do. 

Huge airball! 



Helloooooooo, Snapchat. 

The arguably controversial social platform welcomed a few new accounts centered around NBA Media Day. In the pats week, the Charlotte Hornets, Portland Trailblazers, Philadelphia 76ers and the Phoenix Suns joined the latest craze. 

Many of the arguments I’ve heard against Snapchat are very similar to what I heard about Twitter…back in the days. If teams have reviewed the platform and saw that it fits in with their overall strategy, I say more power to them. Far be it from me to say it’s dumb or pointless. If they have weighed the pros and cons, I applaud them for doing so. Although I wasn’t able to do screenshot grabs for all of them, let’s have a look at a few of what I’ve seen so far:

NBA Media Day




Tumblr also is a big part of the NBA and several teams’ social media strategy like this one from the Spurs (embedded on their website). Tumblr Notebook   THE OFFICIAL SITE OF THE SAN ANTONIO SPURS



What better way to recap the day’s events than capturing it on video? This, along with all other player interviews, can be found on the Washington Wizards’ YouTube page. 



The Golden State Warriors are superstars when it comes to social media. 

Exhibit A: #DubsConfidential 



Exhibit B: Debuting a new uniform, the Warriors incorporated Twitter (Vine) in their uni-announcement. But it went beyond just a routine announcement. They brought the fans into the fold.


Twitter Takeover? How about a Snapchat Takeover (sorry, I didn’t add the warriors in time to see their snaps)

Top-notch social/digital team that they are, the Warriors team provided the Snaps (Are they called snap-shots? Sorry)

Never fear Twitter-fans – they did a Twitter Takeover too:

I’d be remiss if I didn’t add in the Warriors’ presence on Weibo. The Chinese social media channel is huge for the Warriors – nearly a million followers. 

Warriors weibo


So there you have at – a browse around the #NBAMediaDay social activities. Plenty of content shared on all the social channels. All gearing fans up for the preseason that starts next week. 

Did I miss anything? See anything cool or that stood out to you? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter or Google+.

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