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CadChica’s Note: This is a guest post from Aubrey Nicholson. Aubrey Nicholson is a forty-something mother of three and keen sports fanatic. After covering football and baseball for her regional paper for over 10 years, Audrey balances her writing with days relaxing with her family in the Miami sun.


Sponsorship opportunities on the rise


While gridiron football still has a long-standing reputation as a nearly U.S.-exclusive sport, a growing number of competitive gridiron football leagues have emerged from several countries throughout the years. In Australia, the Gridiron Victoria is widely regarded as the premier governing body and professional league in the state of Victoria. Furthermore, the Gridiron Victoria was formed from the merger of the two governing bodies of that existed in the mid-90s: the Victoria Gridiron Football League and the Gridiron Association of Victoria. All told, the Gridiron Victoria has definitely contributed to the increasing popularity of gridiron football in Australia. Of course, the continued viability of the Gridiron Victoria – and every team in its league, for that matter – wouldn’t be as strong without the sincere generosity and good faith of various enterprising sponsors.

For instance, the Berwick Miners have earned the respect, loyalty, and trust of a select group of local companies that share a common belief in the substantial talents and abilities of the athletes and staff. Signature Designs is renowned in Victoria for providing detailed architectural working designs and drafting consultancy services for a wide range of residential and development projects. Rayco is a highly respected manufacturer of innovative environmental equipment such as log splitters, wood chippers, stump grinders, forestry mowers, and appropriate machinery for tree work.

Casinos have a long history of sponsoring sports teams, leagues, and certain events. Some examples include Potawatomi Bingo Casino’s presenting status of the Milwaukee Brewers and the partnership between Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc. and the New York Mets – both teams, of course, are part of the Major League Baseball (MLB) lineup. Moreover, the rising prominence of online casinos, along with the ubiquitous presence of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, have made it easier for prestigious sporting competitions to be noticed and promoted in a more efficient manner. The Dragonfish Network, which powers the games in Total Gold, have also seen fit to launch global sports betting for various events, including American and European football, as well as releasing a slot game with football themes. World-renowned online casino game developer IGT has sponsored youth sports organizations in the past that are directly connected to their employees.

Whether it’s baseball in the U.S. or gridiron football in Australia, the increasing number of companies willing to sponsor sports teams, leagues, and organizations is a certainly a very encouraging sign. 


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