Tapping Into the Season

Editor’s Note: Every so often I write about non-sports stories in social media. Today is one of those days. 


A friend of mine tweeted today that there were 49 days left until Christmas. 

No panic here.

I’ve found the older I get, the more I embrace the season. It’s about giving, family, sharing – whatever positive description you want to use, that’s what it is. I’m not naive enough to believe it’s that way for everyone. But, there is just something about the time of year for me that I enjoy. There is an innocence to it. Even in the Christmas advertisements. 


Early this morning, Twitter follower (and friend), Charlotte Males shared the tweet above from John Lewis Retail. Every emotion you see in Christmas through the eyes of a child in one ad — that’s what #MontyThePenguin was for me. So much so that I want to buy a Monty the Penguin stuffed toy! From a business standpoint, that’s the goal. You want to move your potential customers to “buy mode”. Spur them to action.


From a customer standpoint, it made me smile, laugh, cry – I was connected. Connected to a brand from the United Kingdom through a simple video. I’m a mom and the emotion of it resonates with me. I may never travel to the UK, but I know now that they have International Delivery (I checked their website). Did you know there’s a “Monty’s Den“? I didn’t either!!! But, sadly, they’re all out of the stuffed toy Monty. 

Sigh…maybe by Christmas…







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