Destiny is a Cruel Mistress for ASU, MSU

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Control their own destiny

Destiny can be a cruel mistress.

Oh sure, the saying is fate can be a cruel mistress, If one believes in fate (defined as: a power that is believed to control what happens in the future [Merriam-Webster], then that’s true. One can’t control fate, according to that definition. Fate is beyond control. But, destiny, on the other hand…

The things that someone or something will experience in the future. 

Depending on what definition of you use (I chose the one above), one has a hand in their destiny. One can forge along the path laid out, participate in the obstacles along that path and carve out their destiny by how they overcome the obstacles. Nowhere is this more evident than in sports. ID-100291410

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The Arizona State Sun Devils (ASU), before last night, was ranked #6 in the most recent College Football Playoff (CFP) rankings. The top four teams at the end of the season will participate in the first-ever Division I playoff that will crown a national champion. ASU was first in the Pac-12 South division, 5-1 in conference, 8-1 overall — the lone blemish…a 62-27 pasting at the hands of UCLA at home. With only three games left in the regular season, two versus opponents with losing records, the Sun Devils only needed to win out (sorry, Vince Grippi) to have a legitimate chance at being in the playoff conversation. Win out, of course, would also include a pesky little thing in the post-season called a conference championship game against Pac-12 North winner, Oregon.

Four games to win and the championship possibilities would be in play.

Control their own destiny.


Mississippi State. The Bulldogs were the #1 team in the land, according to the CFP rankings. Alabama, Vanderbilt and Ole Miss were all that stood between them and the SEC championship game. They would have a hand in their future.

Questions had arisen recently as to how good this team actually was. Debate centered around the phrase “best win”. A valid argument. The Bulldogs were undefeated, playing in arguably the best conference in all of college football: the Southeast Conference. But, their “signature win”, that win over a top team was debatable. LSU on September 20 — the Tigers have four losses on the season (41-7 loss to Auburn stands out). Texas A&M on October 4th — also with four losses, including a 59-0 drubbing at the hands of Alabama. Auburn on October 11 — three losses on the season, the most recent being a 34-7 humbling by Georgia this past Saturday. Are any of those a signature win to you? It’s debatable.

Yet, the Bulldogs, despite a so-called questionable schedule, were #1. Do it on the field and the championship possibilities would be in play.

Control their own destiny.


The Alabama Crimson Tide were on the outside looking in last week. Ranked #5 in the CFP rankings, their ho-hum results against Arkansas (unranked) and LSU (see Mississippi State above) perhaps left the committee wanting a bit more. Their signature win to this point is over Ole Miss in Oxford. Not a bad win considering the Rebels were #10 in last week’s CFP rankings (8th in the AP poll). They have been in the top 5 in terms of strength of schedule (SOS), which is a criteria of the CFP committee. Their top 5 defense would have a say too.

The Crimson Tide, even at #5, had the schedule on their side. Mississippi State, the #1 team, would be paying a visit to Tuscaloosa on Saturday night. A win on Saturday against the Bulldogs and Alabama would be right back in the CFP picture. With only games against Western Carolina (FCS, Southern Conference) and Auburn (see above) at home, the Crimson Tide could…

Control their own destiny.


Arizona State lost to Oregon State, 35-27 (blowing a 24-14 halftime lead) . Mississippi State lost to Alabama, 25-20 (score wasn’t as close as it seems).

Alabama is still leading the dance with destiny. Win and they’re in.

For Arizona State and Mississippi State, they lost control of their destiny. It now rests in the hands of others. They need to win their remaining games and hope other teams ahead of them lose to have any chance at sniffing the playoffs again. ‘Tis dangerous to dance with destiny while longing for others.

A cruel mistress in deed.


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