Territorial Cup-Full of Angst

It’s the best of weeks. It’s the worst of weeks.

What’s your prediction, CadChica? 


I was raised a sports fan. Growing up in Arizona, we had season tickets to Arizona State Sun Devils football and I was a die-hard Arizona Wildcats men’s basketball fan. If they were on tv, I’d be there. As I grew up, I became a fan of all things Sun Devils and Wildcats. In other words, I was an oddball. (A nice oddball, but an oddball, nonetheless.)

What’s your prediction, CadChica? 

The upside of this is that I can cheer for two schools. The downside, however, is when they play each other. I have to pick a side. Men’s basketball isn’t so bad. ASU hasn’t been really good in a long time. UofA has been, well, UofA-like since the 80’s. So naturally I cheer for the Wildcats during hoops season. 

What’s your prediction, CadChica? 

But, football is another story. There’s a big part of me is that die-hard Sun Devil football fan. But, as the Wildcats have steadily improved in football, I’ve longed to see them do well. They’ve never won the Pac-12 nor been to the Rose Bowl. I’m a sucker for those types of stories. 

What’s your prediction, CadChica? 

That’s why the end of the college football season is always a tough choice for me. Arizona and Arizona State play each other today on the football field. It’s the Territorial Cup, after all. Rivalry week takes no prisoners. Even in poetry and social media.  

What’s your prediction, CadChica? 

Yes, there has been trash-talking. Fun and not-so-fun. But, none from me. 

What’s your prediction, CadChica? 

I’m a fan of both teams. I cheer for both. I get frustrated when they lose. Football season is great up until this one week. Then, it’s, “Is this week over yet?”. It wouldn’t be any better if I was back home in AZ either. Down there, I’d be surrounded by both fans…putting pressure on me to pick a *%!$ lane (their words, not mine). Down there, it’s either one or the other. There are no in-betweens.  

Soooo, what’s your prediction, CadChica? 

And so, as time draws closer to this year’s Territorial Cup today, I sit and wonder how it will all play out. If UCLA loses to Stanford, the winner of this game goes on to the Pac-12 Championship game versus Oregon. The winner of that has a good chance at making the 4-team College Football Playoff. There’s a lot on the line today, beyond just the rivalry factor. 


Goodness, people, patience is a virtue that needs to be in your repertoire. 

The angst has set in. And, it’s prediction time. So many variables to wrestle with: Anu Solomon’s health, Jaelen Strong’s concussion recovery – will anyone tackle in this game? So many thoughts – so little time. 


Alright, alright.  UofA 27 ASU 24 — Ends on a game-winning field goal by….oh forget that!!!! 





Where was this when I lived there

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It’s a beauty! 


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