Champions League’s Creative Favorites

How many tweets have you Favorited? 

If you’re anything like me, you have an a number that shall not be mentioned  amount of Favorites. Spend time on Twitter on a daily basis and, well, you see a lot of content that you’re afraid to miss out on. I keep meaning to get back to them, but something invariably comes up and I…well…I…keep meaning to get back to them. In other words, I have a lot of Favorites. 

People use their Favorites as a curation tool like me. Or, they simply Favorite because they like the tweet…also like me. Or…like me again…they use them to use in stories later on. On occasion, I’ll go through and remove some of them, but I still wind up with a total number that shall not be mentioned

But, today I saw a unique way for the Favorites tab to be used:


The UEFA Team of the Year is a big deal around the world. It is an opportunity for fans to weigh in on who the best Starting XI are in the world of football (European and international matches). Last year, UEFA saw over 6.3 million votes cast for the 2013 team. As of today, that number has been surpassed with vote total nearing 6.4 million. 

Twitter is part of the voting process again this year. The above tweet from the Champions League makes it somewhat easier for fans to vote for their player. When checking the Favorites for the Champions League, all players selected for the voting process had tweets similar to those below. As you can see, Cristiano Ronaldo was leading Lionel Messi in a big way at the forward position 20k retweets versus 8k. NOTE: That number was checked earlier this afternoon. Number has risen since post time.

Favorite Tweets by Champions League   ChampionsLeague    Twitter

The original tweets were sent out on November 26. Rather than tweeting the same tweets over again, Champions League favorited their original tweet and simply referred fans to their Favorites tab. That, to my knowledge, hasn’t been done before. 

Accessing someone’s Favorites tab is easy. No matter if you’re using your desktop or a mobile device, click on the Twitter handle, click on their Favorites and you can see all tweets that have been Favorited (that’s how you can see how many Favorites I have too — yes, it’s time to do some cleaning of that tab).  From there, it’s just a simple matter of pressing the Retweet button and the vote is in. 



Great, innovative way to make it easy for fans by the UEFA Champions League account. 

Simplify, simplify, simplify. 


SIDE NOTE – I also like how UEFA is providing Live Voting Trends, per position, on their website too. 

Team of the Year


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