Sports Twitter Takes Advent-age

My Christmas decorations are up around the house. Yes, really. I had to wait until after Thanksgiving to do it, but they’re up. I decorated mostly on Friday with touch-ups on Saturday and Sunday (in-between sports-watching, of course). But, there was one thing I forgot.

Advent Calendars!!!

Did you have those growing up? I loved advent calendars. Something innocently magical about opening that little window for 24 days straight and finding a treat inside. So, when I remember, I want to give that feeling to my kids too. Decorating wouldn’t be complete without it – so I went out and bought not one, but two.


Yes, one of the windows was opened today – by youngest son. He was hungry. 


When scrolling through Twitter today, I saw a reference to advent calendars. Twice, advent calendars were referenced by sports-related Twitter accounts: FC Barcelona and BBC Sports.

I won’t spoil it for you by telling you what the first ones were (hint: BBC Sports’ is unavailable outside of the UK, sadly). Click on the link(s) in the tweets to see what was behind the first window. But, it got me thinking about what creative content teams and leagues will be sharing this Christmas holiday season. My quick search proved fruitless, unfortunately. They’re missing out on a fun opportunity to be creative. 


ADDED: Not a Twitter campaign, but definitely worth sharing. Snapchat provides a perfect vehicle to use Advent Calendars. Here, Iowa State is connecting with fans in a unique way during the holiday season with their Advent Calendar Snap.IMG_3725


Did I miss any sports Twitter accounts doing an advent calendar? If so, let me know either in the comments below or on Twitter, @CadChica.

For a fun, non-sports Christmas promotion, read about what Ted Baker is doing on Instagram from The Drum


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