My 2014 Thanks

Kind words are like honey – sweet to the soul and healthy for the body. Proverbs 16:24


Make or Break

Merriam-Webster defines “underestimate” as: to place too low a value on.

Words, whether spoken or written, have a lot of meaning to me. Actions mean something too, but there is just something about words that can transform a day for me. An encouraging word, a congratulations, a helpful tip, even a critical word can cause a day to go well or…not.

Words have the power to build up or tear down. I’ve learned that lesson the hard way, both growing up and raising my own children. As I think about it in a sports context, I immediately think of coaches. Some coaches are fiery, in-your-face personalities. Others have a laid-back teaching style.

Both types can be successful. Not all players under their influence respond in a positive way. The phrase “make or break” applies – a coach’s words can make or break a player. Many factors are involved, including their childhood, but that’s for another post on another blog. Not here.


Motivation Not Validation

Somewhere along the way, there has to be a positive word spoken into someone’s life. We all need to be built up. Sure haters are gonna hate, but for as much as their words might motivate, they cannot validate. They cannot validate hard work, talent, effort, sacrifice – validation comes in the result.

Results are tangible. A new job. A raise. Opportunity knocking on your door. Goals within reach. All are ways to find validation. But, motivation? That comes from within.  For those who haven’t been built up or had positive words spoken into their lives, what lies within? Is it those haters? Is it the nay-sayers? Do they have to look to others to motivate them?

If that works, more power to them. I, for one, am big on removing the negative from my life. I’m my own worst critic. I don’t want those who are constantly negative or critical of others (even on social media) to have any influence in my life. 


A Simple Gesture

I don’t recall being taught manners. I probably was, but, well, I’ve been around for awhile so the memory is fading a bit. What I do know is that I trained it in my kids to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Respecting those showing kindness to them. It wasn’t always easy, but I think they understood the meaning behind it: thankfulness.

thank you - honey

People would compliment them on their manners to me. It validated what I was doing. But, it motivated me to keep teaching them. The compliments “built me up”. And, it also motivated me to make sure I had thankfulness in my heart too.

Thankfulness can be a forgotten trait. There is so much want these days that we (especially here in America) forget to be thankful for what we already have. This often translates to social media too.

How often do you say thank you? Did you say it at the grocery store? At the coffee place? When someone gave up their seat for you? Someone got out of your way while you were looking down at your phone? Did you thank someone on Twitter today? Facebook? Instagram? Snap a thanks to your followers lately?

It’s a simple gesture. Two words – one in some languages. Two motions in sign language. Two easy words to type. But, how often do we do it? Not often enough? I know when I hear it from someone to me, my countenance can change. My heart is filled with gratitude. A thanks can be like a smile – it’s that powerful. 

I’m just as guilty of it as anyone else. There are days when I’m so busy with work and/or family that I don’t thank people for a retweet or a +1. I used to do it each week on Twitter and Google+. I wanted to make sure people who took the time to interact with me were acknowledged. That I did see them and their actions matter to me. Alas, I am unable to meet that standard week in and week out.

And so, that’s where this post comes in. To thank people from this past year who have affected me in some (positive) way. I value their words and actions. Some belong on multiple lists with multiple thank you’s, but then this post would be way too long. Thanks never seems like enough, but I’m learning that one should never underestimate the power of a thank you. 


My 2014 Thanks

Tuesday Ten Guests (in order of appearance)

  • Tariq Ahmad (three times)
  • Russell S Baxter
  • Jimmy Sanderson (twice)
  • Stephanie Schneider
  • Bob McKamey
  • Lauren Murray
  • Jaime Carlin
  • Jeramie McPeek
  • Mark J Burns
  • Tom Buchheim
  • Paola Boivin
  • Derrick Docket (twice)
  • Caity Kauffman & James Royer
  • Max Goldstein
  • Ken Fang
  • Clair Wyant
  • Russ Cohen
  • Joe Scott
  • John Martin
  • Katie Cavender
  • Troy Kirby
  • Josh Decker
  • Lauren Teague
  • Kyle Bruce

1st and 60 Guests (random order)

  • Steph Stradley
  • Nick Paulenich
  • Emily Gruver
  • Dayna O’Gorman
  • Sean O’Donnell
  • NFL Female
  • Brian Nemhauser (Hawkblogger)

The Sporting Nation (stories, Hangouts)

  • Jose Romero
  • Kim Tate
  • Jerry Mercado
  • Russell Houghtaling
  • Jeff Tourial
  • Adam Serrano
  • Anthony Salazar
  • Miquiyah Zamora


  • Russell Baxter
  • Nick Paulenich
  • Q1 Productions (Sports)

Connections and Supporters (in no particular order)

  • Debi Davis
  • Heather Kraafter
  • Michael Daniels
  • Yvonne Heimann
  • Chris Syme
  • Sherrill Duce
  • Nazim Beltran
  • Chef Dennis Littley
  • William King
  • Scott Scowcroft
  • Dave Cook
  • Sheri Grossman
  • Bryan Srabian
  • Lisa Horne
  • Rebkah Howard
  • Mario Flores
  • Marc Ryan
  • Kristi Dosh
  • Mike Freeman
  • Charlotte Males
  • Tom Buchheim
  • Jeff Sieh 
  • Jenni Hogan
  • Frederick D. Gibson (Sugalean)
  • Shannon J Hernandez
  • Ryan Nanni
  • Joel Cox
  • Jim Delaney
  • Cindy Hval
  • Christina Deubel
  • Jocelyn Stott
  • Jamie Lynn Morgan
  • Travis Bell
  • Sportsmanias
  • The Sporting Nation
  • Pam Chvotkin
  • Mike Mahoney
  • Ward Bullard
  • John M Martin
  • Google+ College Football Community
  • Go Matadors (CSUN) Athletics
  • Jeff Hite
  • Jose Ceniceros

To anyone who has ever watched or listened to my shows, read my posts on various outlets including right here on this blog, retweeted me, liked or shared my posts on various social media platforms, answered a question, asked me a question — I apologize if I didn’t include your name, but please know that I am grateful for your positive presence in my life. And,

Thank You


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