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Tuesday Ten is a chat with leaders and up-and-comers in the world of sports in: media/broadcasting, business/marketing, social media and more. On Tuesday, January 6, 2015 was a special night for two reasons. One, it was the season premiere for year two (!!!) of Tuesday Ten. Second, I joined forces with the host of one of the best Twitter chats around, #smsportschat. 

Tariq Ahmad, host of #smsportschat, joined me as co-host of this special edition with a stellar cast from the worlds of sports-social media and sports business: Lisa Bregman, Neil Horowitz, Adam Navarrete and Jessica Smith. Due to technical issues, Mark Burns was unable to join the show. But, I hope to have him on again in the future. 



Tariq Ahmad is a Social Media Business Manager for IBM and a Social Media Adjunct Professor. He completed his PhD research on social media and the NBA. Tariq co-created SportShadow, a site that tracks check-ins at sports venues. He is also the host of #smsportschat on Twitter, a chat focusing on sports and social media, every Thursday at 9p ET.

Lisa Bregman has worked for 10+ years in the sports industry in the areas of digital & social media, marketing, partnership activation, business development, PR and emerging technology consulting. She has experience in international soccer, college & action sports, Olympics, Major League Lacrosse, sports agencies and extensive team experience with Major League Soccer. She currently works for Wasserman Media Group as part of their digital team where her responsibilities include strategic consulting in digital & social media for various brands, sports-related entities and teams, as well as business development and the management of athletes’ brands and endorsement activations. Lisa is a former Northwestern University cheerleader and completed her graduate studies at George Washington University.

Mark J Burns is currently an Operations Coordinator in Talent/Athlete Marketing at CSE, an Atlanta-based sports and entertainment agency. He is also a Sports Business Contributor with Forbes.com and Entrepreneur.com. 

Neil Horowitz is a social and digital media marketing professional with experience in the NHL, collegiate athletics, and more. He also produces and hosts a bi-weekly podcast, the Digital and Social Media Sports podcast, on which managers and thought leaders from the sports business and media world discuss their work in social and digital media. In addition to iTunes, all podcasts can also be found at Neil’s blog and website: www.dsmsports.net.

Adam Navarrete is a Digital Media and Sports Marketer – www.adamnavarrete.com.

Jessica Smith is the Social Media Manager IMG LIVE, an experiential marketing agency, where she heads up the Social Media Department. She stumbled upon the social media industry more than five years ago, and needless to say, it was love at first tweet. Before taking on her current role, she spent time at the NCAA and Atlanta Track Club. Jessica has a passion and curiosity about the sports and social media landscape, harnessing her passion into the blog socialnsport.com.



  • Opening: Special edition of Tuesday Ten with #smsportschat
  • 01:15 – My co-host, Tariq Ahmad bio and a history of how #smsportschat got started.
  • 03:30 – Intro to Lisa Bregman
  • 04:42 – Intro to Adam Navarrete
  • 05:53 – Intro to Neil Horowitz
  • 06:58 – Intro to Jessica Smith
  • 07:26“Softball” question (Reference:  http://goo.gl/ZTLduY) What is one thing you wish teams, leagues, schools, athletes would do differently in 2015?
  • 08:02Neil: More teams tailor content to the platform. Give fans the content that is truly shareable.
  • 09:53Adam: It’s about the experience. Fans remember the experience at the game more than the score. Bring that into the digital realm.
  • 11:33Jessica: Finding a brand voice that’s all their own. Less copycat and less FOMO (fear of missing out).
  • 13:35Lisa: Many changes since she started. Social media is divided within teams. Cohesiveness is not completely there just yet.
  • 16:20 – The dreaded ROI question from Tariq. Is it absolutely necessary for sports entities to use the “Buy” features being implemented across social media platforms?
  • 17:03Adam: Still a novelty to measure it. The bottom line for teams remains ticket sales.
  • 18:44Neil: Not a native action just yet for the platforms. Focus remains getting them to the owned website. Intangible value of social.
  • 21:28Jessica: From a brand perspective, moving in the direction of customers wanting to buy. Still a novelty, but some gray area.
  • 23:02Lisa: ROI isn’t one patent answer. Every team, league, market is different. Many factors involved. Communication is key.
  • 26:51Question: What has stood out from brands, sponsors, teams or even the bowl games in terms of social media this season?
  • 27:17Jessica: Early season hype videos were stellar. Schools taking it beyond just football. Branding integrated.
  • 29:04Lisa: Bowl games surprised her. Seeing more professional-quality interaction from teams.
  • 31:04Neil: Engaged impressions throughout the game (e.g. AllState’s Mayhem series). Shareable content works with/for passionate fans.
  • 33:59Audience Question: Best campaigns for the past year.
  • 34:32Jessica: U.S. Soccer’s World Cup campaign. Jerseys, outreach program was an innovative rallying point for watching the #USMNT.
  • 35:41Neil: MLB continues to excel combining social media and in-game engagement. Creativity in visual graphics for fans from brands, sponsors, team.
  • 37:42Adam: RE2PECT and Nike was an impressive way for Gatorade to honor the Yankees’ Derek Jeter; first time changing their logo.
  • 38:51Lisa: Brand and UnderArmour’s I WILL WHAT I WANT campaign. Also, the #WeAreWinter hashtag from Canada during the Winter Olympics.
  • 40:25Audience Question: Is there a major company that you’d like to see involved more in college sports?
  • 40:58Jessica: It depends on the school. Each one has different priorities, resources, demographics. Rules & regulations to follow.
  • 41:46Neil: Agreed with Jessica. Also, would like to see more personality from brands.
  • 43:00Lisa: Better activation from sponsors (Pepsi, anyone?). Work hand-in-hand.
  • 44:58Jessica: Indianapolis Colts and sponsored content. Experiential marketing.
  • 46:07Adam: Uber and Lyft have been engaged in MLB. Possible avenue for colleges too.
  • 48:22 – CONNECTION TIME (how to connect with our panelists and co-host)
  • 52:00 – NEXT WEEK

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Join me next Tuesday, January 13th, when I’ll be joined by Debi Davis, Social Media Strategist with 3D Communications. Based in Eagle, CO, Debi is currently volunteering with the organization(s) heading up next month’s World Alpine Ski Championships in Vail, CO. 6 pm ET/9 pm PT (7 pm AZ time) on Google+.

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