NFL Wins 2014 Nielsen Sports TV Ratings

2014 Nielsen Sports TV Ratings – According to Twitter

Nielsen just dropped their Top Sports Events for 2014 according to Twitter. And although the World Cup was a HUGE event in 2014, it could do nothing to top the Seahawks-Broncos Super Bowl. Noticeably absent: Olympics, World Series, NBA Championship. 

Noticeably, but not surprising. A single sporting event, a championship one, is certain to outdraw a 7-game series at this level of sport. Call it the fear of missing out factor. No need to watch game one of the World Series or NBA Championship because it’s a best four out of seven. The Winter Olympics aren’t as big of a draw as the Summer Olympics — add in the timezone factor and it’s no match for the Super Bowl or World Cup. 

Complete chart below. (Source: Nielsen)

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Posted by Sunny Cadwallader

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