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TTCCS 2-10-15

Being in the media business, you’re exposed to a lot of negative stories. Even in sports, not a week goes by where we’re not inundated with negative sports stories. That’s why this most recent episode of Tuesday Ten with CadChica Sports was such a special one for me. Chandrima Chatterjee, Communications Manager of Street Soccer USA joined the show.

Chandrima and I connected on Twitter only recently. The more I followed the tweets on her timeline, the more I knew she was someone I had to have on the show. Chandrima is about giving back. Giving back through sports. Those stories are often overshadowed in this sports media age. Clicks and views are all the rage – nothing like a negative story to generate those. For me, giving Street Soccer USA another platform to share their story is vitally important.



After graduating from University of Pennsylvania and working there for 6 years as a cancer research molecular biologist and community outreach specialist, Chandrima jumped ship for the world of public health at Emory University, learning the ropes of the not-for-profit world and focusing on helping sports for social change groups assess their communications and digital strategies to be in line with their philosophies to grow their brand, fund-raise and make a larger impact.

She has worked as a digital team member at the Homeless World Cup, is co-founder and director of Street Soccer Philadelphia, and is the social media and communications strategist for Street Soccer USA. She was a data fellow with the Organizing for America Obama campaign in Pennsylvania in 2012.

In 2014, she launched her own social enterprise, “MPowered Media”, to help more groups and individuals find their own voice to tell their stories. Her recent clients include: L.A.C.E.S., LA Samba Kids, Grassroot Soccer, YUWA-India, LLS’s Soccerfest. She is a soccer writer and editor: currently contributing to Corner of the Galaxy, and is re-launching Women United FC as a media source for the soccer business world, focusing more on larger issues and storytelling for athletes, and less on match reports and fan recruitment.

Women United FC 2.0 will launch this March as a platform for women in sports writing, photography and new media to develop their skills to compete in the male-dominated sports broadcasting and journalism field. Her ultimate goal is to help groups and individuals find their own voice and tell their own story, empowering the next generation of global leaders to use the power of digital and social media to amplify change.

“MPowered Media” empowers businesses, especially start-ups, to align their communications and digital strategies with their social conscience, helps promote a social consciousness of the world, and develops branding and funding channels for the best of the “do-gooders.”

Chandrima is also a contributor to South Asian Women in Sports (#SAWSports) and Brown Girl Magazine. 



  • 01:19 – Intro to Chandrima Chatterjee
  • 02:34 – Importance of giving back is a family trait (Chandrima’s parents are from India)
  • 03:58 – Social media helping get out the message (Connecting people and groups around the world)
  • 05:05 – Soccer or cricket?
  • 06:34 – Working with YUWA India
  • 07:46 – The moment Chandrima knew giving back through sports was what she wanted to do.
  • 10:24 – Street Soccer USA and Street Soccer Philly beginnings (reaching out to the homeless)
  • 13:49 – City leaders, businesses supporting the work of Street Soccer USA
  • 14:56 – Getting involved or supporting Street Soccer USA
  • 16:56 – What giving back has taught Chandrima about herself (Hint: As Chandrima does, she puts the spotlight on someone else)
  • 19:48 – Connect with Chandrima







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