Intro to CadChica Sports

Who is CadChica?

Sports reporting with a social media

Sports reporting with a social media twist

Sports fan turned sports writer and broadcaster. I know, I know. You’re asking yourself, how does that happen?


Social media. 

Using the power of Twitter, I turned my life-long love of and participation in sports, as well as my recent love of social media, into a career in sports. Twitter gave me a voice in the world and national sports conversations. Connecting with world, national, regional and local writers, I brought my knowledge and understanding to the masses through CadChica Sports. 

Okay, not really masses. 

Jumping from the corporate world into sports is no easy task. Working previously at a local outlet and ESPN (yes, THAT ESPN) and now one of the rising sports apps around (Sportsmanias), I bring a unique perspective to any sports or social media conversation. With a background that includes business, sports, media and family life, I’m a one-of-a-kind sports personality.

Uniquely astute social media sports perspective. 



One of just a few that had a regular weekly sports (social media) show on Google+ (RIP). Just as Twitter helped give me my voice, I used my shows to give others a voice as well. Sports talk on social media, NFL and college football.



** Previously published online weekday newspapers:

** Former ESPN Researcher-Producer for the late-night show UNITE.

** Former freelance, sports-social media journalist for KXLY Broadcast Group.

** Former freelance writer at The Shadow League and The Sporting Nation.

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